Why can't I see my site title on my website?

Why can't I see my site title on my website?

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I have a site title, but it's not showing on my website. What am I doing wrong? Please help?

Hi Sharon lose-belly-fat.org

I can't see if either, did you save it?

I did this a few weeks ago when I had the free website. The problems have all started when I moved over to my own domain. In general settings it is showing, so I don't understand why it's not showing on the website. Thanks for responding to my question.

I can see it now

That's only because site support asked me to change my theme and now that I have all the pages and content I have has disappeared. I think this is too hard for me. I think I am out of my depth and I don't want to have to do all that content again.

Raise a support ticket see if they can help you to recover your content, it's a steep learning curve but you will be fine if you follow the instructions. Everyone comes up against a few problems at first

Hi Nichola - what's the URL?

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