Questions by Ngraddon 7

How can I get re-instated to offer comments?
On my site Managements in the Comments area when I go to the Offer Comments…
4 years ago 1 Reply
My site is not appearing on google first page?
My site appears on Yahoo and Bing in the top 3 but Google continues to…
4 years ago 11 Replies
Format bar missing from new page?
This morning an update was installed for the Alexandria theme and now…
5 years ago 6 Replies
How can I be sure the bbpress register form not spammed?
I have a Register form using the BBPress plugin and I added a custom field…
6 years ago 6 Replies
Do wa affiliate commissions absolutely need paypal account?
I do not use paypal and would rather not so are commission payments made…
6 years ago 2 Replies
Shareasale affiliates website. does anyone have any comment?
I found a site noted above that links to various affiliates. Does anyone…
6 years ago 5 Replies
Site-wide activity text on web page?
See attached. I have a page with Site-Wide Activity with a greeting. Can…
6 years ago 4 Replies