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Kia Ora & Hello Everyone..
My Name is Iwi Le Comte, I am 30 years of age
Born & Raised in Rotorua,(City of the hotpools) New Zealand.
I am a blessed father with my 1 year old son and Beautiful partner Stefanie,
who I cherish everyday with.

I qualifications come from the University of Life & Experience I Worked hard all my life from Silverculture, Contruction to maken doe for
Soya king from the age of 15..., 9years of my life in a Tradtional J.O.B
Jump Outta Bed, or Just Over Broke.

In the last 3years I have I have been Involved in Network Marketing
Services, Products, Everything under the Sun.
The Cold Calling, the door knocking
The traveling long hours to the Meetings, Seminars
Away from my family.

Prospecting, Recruiting New people going through the numbers like dominos. Listening to my uplines (2-5years just hang in there
& you will never ever have to worry about money ever again).
sound familiar!!

I followed the system, worked the comp plan, studied the product
Man I could sell the shirt of your back because
my reason is strong & it still is today.

So what happened?? I wanted my life back, I was
spending more than I was earning. Prospects
were dropping off faster than they were coming on.
My family & friends started to avoid me.

95% of Traditional Network Marketing
is set up for you to fail.

So what did I do?? I thought there has got to be another way!
Call it the hand of god, the law of attraction, destiny guiding me
The law of attraction.. guided me
to a very good friend & Mentor Robert Sams,

He has given me so much use value it just transformed my life
from a Chaser to a Attracter. From a competitor to a Creator,
to someone who was to far ahead and is now living in the now
the moment!!

Now I live by 1 rule & 7 principles

#Rule 1 # There Are No Rules ... Meaning I will Not Tell You What You Can Or Cannot Do!!

#Principle 1- My Family Always Comes 1st!!

#Principle 2- I Live My Passion Now Not Tommorrow!!

#Principle 3- I Always Have Massive Fun & Play Today!!

#Principle 4- In Good Or Bad situations I Will Hold An Attitude of Gratitude!!

#Principle 5- I Give Massive Use Value Than Cash Value I Am Receiving!!

#Principle 6- I Am A Creative Thinker, Not A Competive Thinker!! .

#Principle 7- I Will Always Drive My Life With My Vision, Not With The Rear Vision Mirror

I also practice & Meditate the 15minute miracle every morning
that has also help me achieve some amazing things into my life..
including Wealthy Affiliate....

Learn More about the 15min Miracle..

Peace with grattitude Iwi...
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nfamillion Premium
Kia Ora & Hello!
Everyone My Name is Iwi Le Comte from New Zealand,
Proud Father of our 1 year old son with my beautiful partner Stefanie.
Im pretty laid back, I am artist, I surf, I also Dj at a club,
I live by 1 Rule & 7 Principals, Has transformed my life in a short period of time. I am
a student of everyday learning online & very greatful to be here in wealthy affiliate.
I am involved in online marketing, but had a hard time finding a niche so I was introduced to
wealthy affiliate from my good friend Robert sams (Thanks Robert).
Im here to Learn, Have fun, give value, make a tonn of new friends online.
so if you ever need a buddy, add me

Peace out with gratitude
Iwi Le comte.... nfamillion
nfamillion Premium
wow this is awesome!
nfamillion Premium
aE Robert right now in the moment.. is the only moment
bestbuys4u Premium
awesome Iwi great stuff!!!
INCOME4U Premium
thanks iwi. to your success mate.
Hi Kia Ora,
My name is Derrick and the beautiful woman in the photo with me is my wife Evelyn. I have been a member here for just 2 days. I have visited Christchurch New Zealand and had a fantastic time. It is a beautiful country with wonderful people. I can't wait to gain enough time freedom to make the trip again. Welcome to WA.
Just dropped in to say hello, what a powerful video clip! After reading your profile,the roads we traveled may be different but our stories are the same and meeting here is no coincidence.

Cheers to living

nfamillion Premium
Kia Ora Derrick & Evelyn, thankyou you for your message
you are an inspiring leader with passion, Luv to be your buddy my friends
corletters Premium
Kia Ora you fellow Kiwi

You look like a nice couple!
I am rapped to see another kiwi. I am from New Zealand and I live in Perth WA. Been here for 7 years with my wife who is from NZ as well.
I am into my 2nd week of the 8 week action plan. WOW so much info its unbelievable. Welcome to WA and keep in touch Iwi.

Best of success
nfamillion Premium
Kia Ora Graeme, nga mihi to you & your whanau to, having trouble sleeping ever since I joined W.A
awesome bro, will keep in contact.