Paid Conversions Are Real

Last Update: April 10, 2016

I have to be honest...... no need to sugar coat whatsoever, but I am totally pumped because I have be meaning to work on my blog at a higher rate of consistency than I have and this morning it popped out a paid conversion.

It takes me back to 4 years ago when I had a blog that I worked on religiously. It is not much but I used to dish out 4-6 blog post a day and 3-5 videos a day just to name a few things I did daily but I am nowhere near that currently.

The paid conversion I received was more fuel to prioritize better and possibly scrape some things off my plate that no longer belong there.

As I find myself saying often these's all about VALUE. If you concentrate on value and make it a priority to deliver....results are always better!

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VinceOKeefe Premium
Glad I found your review on FES! Don't think I'd be here if I didn't.
newzion Premium
Awesome Vince well I'm glad you found the community. I looked at FES on and off but for me at the end of the day it is simply less stressful for me than have to deal with building a team or selling credit repair. I rather simply blog, advertise, and point people in the direction in concern to actually learning how to market effectively online.
LynneHuy Premium
Yay, congrats!