What's in your entrepreneurial BACKPACK ? - Are your TOOLS packed for success?

Last Update: April 20, 2021

`What would you do differently if you started over your entrepreneurial journey?

How would you prepare?

This journey has many surprises, both negative and positive.

I am not a fan of surprises; I guess my curiosity often gets the better of me.

But how do we prepare ourselves for the entrepreneurial world?

Our entrepreneurial tool kit

When we started this journey, all we received were the free first 10 lessons.

As we continued daily on our training, we realised valuable things were missing:

  • Notepad
  • Pen
  • Backpack

This was a very exciting period of our initial days into our training

Then suddenly, like the British weather, it changes


Feeling overwhelmed?

Information overload?

Fears, panic attacks and anxiety?

We then asked ourselves some unsettling questions.

  • Is this online business for me?
  • When will I make money?
  • Where is the short cut?

Some of us immediately called it a day, some of us chased after shiny objects, and others are just tagging along.

Starting Over

If I had to start over this journey, here are some of the things that I would ensure are in my backpack.

1. Positive mindset

This is the formula responsible for me always going the extra mile. I reframe my situation and my thoughts to make the situation positive.

This encourages me always to go forward regardless of the situation.

2. Goal setting

Having a visual outlook, whether it is before me or a checklist It constantly reminds me what lies ahead for the day, week or month.

3. Progress tracker template

Isn't it fun to monitor your progress and see how far you have become?

When my doubts, impatience and uncertainty sets in, I look back on my progress to remind myself of the progress that I have made

4. Positive Fillers

Use these suggestions to help us along when we start to feel depressed and discourage.

  • determination counters - Take one for every milestone or success achieve
  • what-ifs scenarios instant responses cards- Use to challenge and inspire whenever you need an extra push.

Although I know that every experience makes us a better entrepreneur, I would still look for positive success clues and reach out to the successful entrepreneurs for guidance and direction.

Until next time,


What would you do differently if re-starting your journey?

Now that you know about these tools, will your journey be much easier going forward?

Please like and share your thoughts and comments below.

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DMelB Premium
Nice post Simone.
Sometimes we start already carry a load that may not be necessary.
If I had to restart my journey, I would probably leave some packages behind.

Start with a lighter load, and focus more, which would hopeful make the journey ahead much easier.

Nice backpack fillers mentioned, I try to pack all of them.

Newme202 Premium
It is important to assess what our liad will be prior yo starting our journey.
.Assessment throughout this process is also a key factor to success

I appreciate your response. Thank you for stopping by
edhozubin Premium
I would get the dictionary of all terms necessary to work in the field of blogging, online & Social Media. This to me would be the greatest foundation one could have. Then when you read the material and listen to the videos they would all make more sense.
I know that when traveling online I saw someone had one that was being offered. For me it would have mad the progress much easier. Also, and don't miss time when substantial changes were being made. Classic, Block, AIOSEO, new Google Analytics etc. I am going to be better for it but it certainly wasn't the easiest way to go.
Newme202 Premium
Edward, you made a fair point. Knowing the terminology when starting would really made your understanding better and your journey easier

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Edward
It was a pleasure hearing from you
IamTracy Premium
Great post and advice Simone, thank you for sharing. I think my back pack will end up looking more like the bag Mary Poppins had - I think the spoonful of sugar helps too in times of challenge.
I don't think I would do much differently except open my parachute and take that leap of faith sooner.

To our success
Newme202 Premium
That's awesome Tracy,
Now you do need to take that leap of faith
Wishing you success as you do so
Jessiefido Premium
Thanks for the interesting article here today my friend Simone!

I have been thinking about it and honestly, if starting again today I don't think I would do many things differently at all!

I believe that my entrepreneurial tool kit has everything I need, but maybe I just need to learn how to use the tools a little better!

I hope you are well and having a fantastic day my friend. :-)
Newme202 Premium
Nick, I like the way you put that about learning how to use your tools better

I do.agree wholeheartedly with that response
Thank you for stopping by
Always happy to hear from you
Jessiefido Premium
Much appreciated Simone, it's always a pleasure to read your words of wisdom my friend.
Newme202 Premium
Thank you, Nick
Enjoy the rest of your day :)
Jessiefido Premium
You too Simone! :-)
Newme202 Premium
Awesome ;)
Jessiefido Premium
:-), :-)
Newme202 Premium
tdbabineaux Premium
I'm not sure I'd change anything. My site looks just as good as those at the top of the heap. I guess I would have tried to find ways to work faster. My goal is to help people find the kitchen knives best for them, which most people are not doing. I figure this gives me a leg up. I've made a few technical mistakes along the way, but I figure this has only made me stronger. This is definitely something I would not have changed. I'm planning to add new product reviews a couple of times a week, as well as new blogs as soon as I get new ideas. Am working on social media, hoping this will add some new traffic to my site and help me rank better. Putting up a new website has occasionally been difficult, but someone once said that nothing worth doing is easy. No need to change anything there.

My new website is ready to take on the world! Like I said I don't think my journey would end up that much different if I started over.

Newme202 Premium
Awesome to know Terry. You are still here and showing your determination and perseverance.
Well done on the progress of your website so far
Keep moving forward
tdbabineaux Premium
Thanks Simone. Your comments help me stay grounded. Sometimes I feel like the earth is indeed flat and I am in immenet danger of falling off.

Newme202 Premium
Terry, my comments are only the truth
You will.not fall
Keep the fire burning