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Last Update: Sep 29, 2022

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I just came across this and I wanted to share it with my WA family

Google is offering free digital courses.

Some of these courses are :

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing ( accreditation given)
  • Make sure customers find you online
  • Promote a business with online advertisement
  • Expand a business to other countries
  • Webinars for everyone
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Get your business visible on Google

These are just a few of what I've seen.

And they are all free!

Just type in the keywords - Learn digital with Google and Google Skills Training to find out more.

Until next time,


Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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Good morning Simone,

Thank you for another informative blog post. I trust you are doing well.

That sounds fantastic! However, I don't think I dare take a look as I have so much info and classes on Wealthy Affiliate that I haven't watched! It's probably best if I don't go down that route, although I do appreciate the heads up, thank you.

Wishing you all the best and a great day.


Roy, I know what you mean
Take it in your own stride
It's all there for you
Whenever you're ready ;)

Thank you, Simone.

I do find it absolutely amazing how much training and courses are available on the Internet. I also appreciate you sharing the information, thank you.

Have a great weekend.


Some of the courses are very short
Sometimes yo to 3 hours
It is worth having a peek ;)

Thank you, Simon, I will.

Have a great Sunday.


Awesome :)

Thank you, Simone!

I hope that your course has gone well this past week. It's great that you enjoy learning, it sounds like a good qualification.

It is a good qualification. I get to prescribe medications to patients, both at work and in the community.
This week was very intense and it does get harder as each week goes on.
I have an exam for the present module in December

That sounds like a great thing to do, Simone, not only for your own good but also the fact that you are helping others!

I can imagine the weeks being fairly intense. However, it certainly helps if you enjoy the subject, which I know you do!

December will come around quickly, but I'm sure your exam will be absolutely fine and you will excel yourself.

Lovely faith in me, Roy
Thank you
Helping others is the best thing one can do

I have seen your work ethics on Wealthy Affiliate, Simone, I know you are keen to move forward! Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn and encourage others! We can also share our dreams and thoughts regarding business.

Thank you, Roy
That is so true. I share your sentiments
Have a blessed Sunday and a prosperous, productive and positive week ahead



Great share. Thanks Simone.


You're welcome, Tracy

🤔 It might be something to look into, Simone! Thanks for the info, and have a nice day!


Jeff, I believe it can help you with the promotion of your books online
Hope you will find it as valuable as I did by my sneak peek :)

I'll have to take a look when I get back from the warehouse, Simone! Thank you!


You do that and let me know 8f it was useful ;)

I'll take a look in a little while, Simone!


Please do, Jeff

You, bet, Simone! I got back too late last night!


I hope it was productive?

Somewhat, but mostly tiring, Simone!

I understand
Have a great weekend ahead

You have an excellent Frisatsu too, Simone!


Awesome :)



Nice. Worth the look.

Hope you will find value as I did :)

Thanks for letting us know, Simone. Hope all is well with you!

No worries Susan
I'm up to my neck with everything :)
Please keep your fingers cross that I will make it okay to the other side

If anyone can do it, Simone...you can! I have complete faith in your abilities. You'll come out the other side like a warrior. :-)

Thank you, Susan
I'm putting my all in this ;)

You take good care and be careful to not overextend :-)

Thank you, Susan
That advice I'm so extra aware of :)
Thank you for the reminder

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
4-Steps to Success Class
One Profit Ready Website
Market Research & Analysis Tools
Millionaire Mentorship
Core “Business Start Up” Training