How to get $100,000 in a YEAR! - Do YOU think you CAN do this?

Last Update: Jun 18, 2021

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Do you place a price on yourself?

Have you got a figure in mind that you want to achieve yearly?

If you are anything like me, planning wise, you need to start taking that figure and breaking it down for a year!

Just answer me this

How much do you actually think you're worth?

Or how much do you think YOU, working day after day, hours, lots of sleepless night is worth?


$50, 000


How High is YOUR Bar?

The height of your bar really depends on how ambitious, self-driven and determined you are as a person

So, you want to leave your work, but are you willing to work hard to get what you think you deserve?

I have a large family, and I always plan from January for the busy, expensive Christmas season.

1. Decide on a figure in mind (every year, it keeps going up)

2. Divide that amount by 11 ( you have to buy early or face disappointments)

3. Put aside that money every month to meet the demands

4. Enjoy the gifts and happy faces

You Can Do This Too

Think what you think your price tag is

Research how you can get it depending on the market of your niche

Put your work in action

Congratulations, your salary is now $100,000

Ideas To Get What You Deserve

We have so many ways in which to earn whatever money we set our bar at.

Are we willing to get there?

Here are few well known ideas that work:

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Summit
  • Interactive Courses
  • Promoting your own Product
  • Letting Affiliates promote your product
  • Promoting high-end affiliate products

Rinse and repeat

Email List/Marketing

This is where it all starts.

  • Get the list moving
  • Get involve in groups (Facebook, Quora, Warrior Forums, Instagram etc.)
  • Step by Step, we will get there
  • We don't have still to work long hours with little or no pay
  • Cast your net wide
  • Start thinking as a high achiever
  • Put on those thinking caps and think outside the box!

It is time for you to get the money that you deserve!

Until next time!


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Recent Comments


I'm not sure about putting a price on my head, although I suspect some have put a price on my head over time. One of the keys can be to keep moving forward without stopping. Some soulful food for thought, Simone. We tend always to think in terms of money; of late, the drive is more time-centric. This is because more time, more time to see, do and expand the horizons. Either way, we need to start with that elusive plan and then stick with it; the results always arrive and usually when they are least expected.

Some excellent reminders in your post.


You gave done good pointers Alex
Make a plan and stick to it
Wait for the results to come

Those are fool-proof Alex. That is also a part of my plan

Thank you for your valuable pointers.
Have a brilliant weekend
Thank you for stopping by

I think it is very motivational Simone, Love your stuff.

Of course, I think one of the issues with affiliate marketing is your need to follow a road map, and creatives are not great at following roadmaps.

So you get this car crash right in the middle.

I think the best niche site owners are the ones who are often the least creative, certainly at the beginning.

They follow a template. They are process-driven rather than options in their approach.

I wonder if that is sometimes the gap.

Great stuff and food for thought. I would agree we all have limiting beliefs about money.

Except for the people that don't, of course.

Have a great weekend. Phil

Totally agree, Phil
You have to consistently stick to the plan
Or as you've stated a big car crash is waiting to happen

We all have limiting beliefs about money. We all have been there!

We need to utilise our self-belief and positive mindset with of course, our road map and put these thoughts and planning into action

Have a great weekend yourself, Phil
It is always a pleasure with you stopping by :)

Good morning Simone,

Thank you very much for your thought-provoking blog post, much appreciated.

I can really relate to your wise words, Simone. The Internet has opened up so many business ideas that it's almost unbelievable! Even if you're not working directly online, having a website is almost a must and a huge boost for an offline business.

I say the above from my experience. Having owned a few off-line businesses, my present business was able to get off the ground extremely quickly due to utilising the power of the Internet.

It appears to me that the majority of people just do not understand the power of the Internet and what's available to them, it's right in front of their very eyes!

Although to a certain extent we are living in difficult times, we also live in a great age where we have access to the Internet and so much information. Who would have believed that we can book a holiday, buy groceries, literally order anything you want all from the comfort of her own home! It really is amazing!

I actually don't speak to that many people about my Internet experience as I know that the majority of people won't have a clue or believe what I'm talking about!

So to conclude, $100,000 a year is very doable without any doubt whatsoever.

Wishing you all the best and a great weekend.


Roy, I was blown away as I was recently doing my planning
It is totally doable

Persistence, determination and positive mindset are the things we need to combine with our hard work and consistency.

We are living in a period where our access to the internet makes anything possible with all the tools we have to work with.

Thank you, Roy for stopping by
Have a beautiful weekend

Good morning Simone,

I hear you, Simone, it's absolutely amazing what can be achieved when we plan and utilise the power of the Internet!

I believe that there are too many dreamers in the world who want the money but not the work! As you mention, to be successful we have to be persistent, determined and have a positive mindset.

I find it absolutely amazing that it really is possible to start a business from your home with literally just a basic laptop!

It's a pleasure to stop by Simone, have a great weekend.


Roy, I think it is a treasure to have such an amazing opportunity to not only earn money but be successful as well
Thank you for stopping by.
I treasure communication with you

I hear you, big time, Simone! It's important to be thankful for opportunities, family, friends and more!

When I wake up in the morning I go downstairs and make a cup of coffee, I thank God for my home and the pleasure it brings. I do the same when I turn on my computer, I thank God for having a decent desktop and laptop, literally every morning!

I remember the painful days of Windows XP and the regular crashes and several reboots per day! I'm so thankful that modern PCs are so much better! It may sound simple, but I'm so grateful!

It's also a pleasure communicating with you Simone.


Likewise, Roy
I am so grateful for where I am at the moment.
Everything is still surreal for me and I never take things for granted
Enjoy the rest of your day

I believe that Simone and I guessed that you would be at that point! It's good to make the most of life.

Have a great day and keep the articles coming!


I will definitely try
Thank you for your kind words

A pleasure Simon!

Awesome ;)

Thank you, my dear Simone
for sharing this.

My number is much, much
more than that as I do know
how it is to work diligently,
persistently and consistenty
and do it in a wiser way and
not only hard.

Be smart with your finances
and your time and those who
you associate with and all of
these have to be considered
to be able to reach your own
planned destination.

Thank you so much, my dear.

Have a blessed weekend.


Awesome recommendation and such wise words , Elizabeth
Thank you for stopping by

Much welcome, my dear Simone.

Thank you much more.

Have a blessed Sunday.


Likewise my dear friend :)

Very nice, Simone! I only require enough money to pay my obligations, save a little, and have enough left over to give to those in need! Anything above that, the government would likely take the lion's share to spend on a myriad of nonsensical things. So far, that has worked very well for me, and truly alleviates a lot of unnecessary stress along the way, as well!

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!


You already have your plan sorted out Jeff :)
You life is stressed free and you are always laid back and happy

Well, at least I try to be, Simone!

You do, Jeff

Thank you so much!


You're welcome

Thank you, Simone!


Awesome :)



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