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Every since i can remember i have always believed that there has to be ways to be able to generate huge income online without applying much work. After years of struggling and buying every ebook under the sun i found a way ... By the way it wasn't easy!

My Bio:

I got into family business (real estate) right around the 9.11 incident. I quickly grew the ranks from the sales assistant to sales associate and then sales manager . . Over the next 3 years i developed cut edge negiotating and closing skills by attending seminars and reading lots of expert opinions. However, once the real estate market started to tumble i was approached by a good friend of mine who was having lots of success in a company called "Mona Vie". I was sold very fast on the opportunity and jumped on board. I followed the plan as per specified by my upline but barelly made any money pennies on the dollar. I idid what every marketer upline hears go to your upline i had to go through my group of influence and eventually got to the point where my friends and family members started to dodge my calls.

In need to feed to my family i started buying uneffective leads and started calling people who were most of the time were very negative to any of my pitches.

As alot of MLM marketers i was about to turn in the towel and get back into real estate when i stumbled upon "Mike Dillard" website and my life changed forever. By studying Mike Dillard material i was able to change my life around and no longer need to call prospects instead i get 5-10 calls a day. Also from those 5-10 at least 95% join my newsletter and buy affiliate products within 30 days that helps them in their business .

I just recently started blogging and will have my address up shortly...

To Everyone Success

Dennis Rogov
Social Networking Marketing Coach
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bodovan Premium
Hi Dennis!

Nice to meet you...
If there is anything what I can help with - please let me know...
You are also welcome to share any successful stories you have...:)))

Talk to you soon...

Take care,
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Thank you, Dennis, for the encouragement!
Devon Premium
Hey Dennis sounds sounds familiar maybe we can do a JV together