Too Many Plugins?

Last Update: April 06, 2016

I've been paying a little bit of attention to the little bar that tells me how the health of my website is doing. You know the one WA shows you when you sign into your website.

According to that bar, the health of my website would be much improved if I just had fewer plugins.

I know that plugins Supposidly make the website load slower and therefore can affect rankings if there are too many of them.

The problem I have is that I barely have any plugins. I have 5 plugins.......

-all in one SEO

-spam shield

-site maps

-a contact form (which is simple and takes no time to load)

-a photo gallery

Those are all simple and effective plugins and I can't really do without them. Not only that but I still don't have social media buttons because I'm trying not to add and more plugins.

So do plugins really have such a negative effect on rankings? How many plugins is too many ? Is the WA site health bar just over sensitive?

I also notice that most of the big websites out there have a ton of plugins and take longer to load but they're still ranking #1.

Any clarity to this would be appreciated.



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Claudioj Premium
Hi Robert,
The idea is to activate those that are absolutely necessary to not lose speed on your site, another point reduces the pixels in the pictures.
Igor69 Premium
I think Jovo is right. I got 6 and in the site health shows 70% regarding plugins. I don`t think it affects the the site upload speed.
BarbaraJP Premium

Kazii shared this website. It's really cool and tells you all sorts of things about your site!
Newguru Premium
Thanks. I'll check it out
jvranjes Premium
Hi Robert, when I passed all courses I collected 8 plugins. It was not possible to have less, they were suggested in lessons. So reducing to below 5 makes no sense, this would be like telling Kyle he was wrong in suggesting them in the first place.

So I think they should re-calibrate this site-health tool because this all makes no sense.

I have 14 plugins and there is no way of reducing the number. Just ignore the site-health item related to plugins.
Newguru Premium
Thanks for that. I was hoping that someone would say something along these lines.
Twoods Premium
Good to know. Thank you
SuphatPasree Premium
I think sure.