Selling a WA hosted Website

Last Update: May 19, 2016

Has anyone here ever sold or tried to sell a WA hosted website?

Is it even possible?

How do you transfer it all over?

The idea of it is intriguing to me but I would know where to begin.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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bsmith1222 Premium
I would probably move the site to some outside host such as GoDaddy and then advertise it. Will make the transfer process much easier. As far as marketing I would list it on Flippa.
GabrielMRPR Premium
I was thinking in something similar and was to host some of my clients sites here on my WA and that will help me cover the WA payments maybe I can upgrade to a yearly option and to be honest I think of selling is a good Idea too and I think is possible I pretty sure you just need to change the DNS from yours here at WA to them to whatever hosting they have. I remember I did it once whit a site a domain I have with another hosting and I think is almost the same. But make some research to be 100% sure.
AchuthanN1 Premium
Thank you for asking and thank you for the tips.Will come in handy later.
KatieMac Premium
There have been some members who have sold their sites and some build them and sell the on members such as( I've tried that) there is a place called Fippa were you can buy and sell
yakitori Premium
I've never done it myself but I'm guessing the way it would be done is that you'd develop the site and either you buy the domain here and get them to pay you yearly or the better way would probably be to get them to buy a domain outside of WA like GoDaddy and you just make it point to the WA site. That way they deal with the annual bills and you are hands off.

Site-wise, after you develop it you would just make a user account for them with whatever access level you want (admin, editor, etc) then just get them to login at and they can have access to their site to do any changes, add posts/pages, do whatever you currently can do from WA without them actually knowing that it's from WA.
lindasays Premium
That was a very helpfull answer yakitori. In addition I'd like to know if it is at all possible to transfer the hosting and domain from WA to another WA account or a different registrar/host altogether.

Any chance you know the answer to this question?