Rankings Just Keep Improving

Last Update: May 02, 2016

I just wanted to post about some progress that I've made here at WA. I like to post about this stuff for two reasons. The first reason I like to blog about my success here is because I'm really proud of what I've accomplished here in the year that I've been here.

The second reason I like to post about this stuff is so that people who are new here or are just starting out can see that the training here really works.

One year ago I had no idea what affiliate marketing even meant. Now I have two websites making steady money.

So the progress I wanted to talk about today is my rankings. I keep a pretty close eye on my rankings using Jaaxy because I find that it's a good way to track my progress.

Usually when I publish a post it gets ranked within the first few hours providing that I fetch it using Google Webmaster Tools. Wherever my posts end up in the initial ranking is usually where they stay for quite a while as it's a slow process.

Generally they will slowly creep up the rankings. Like really slow. Maybe move up one spot one day, then down two spots a few days later, then up a few spots and so on and so forth.

But now my rankings are getting better much faster. Now my posts rank much higher initially and they creep up slightly faster.

I now have dozens of keywords ranking on page one of Google and even a few in the top 5 spots.

I haven't really changed anything either. I've just been doing what we're trained to do here and it's working.

My theory for why my website is ranking better now is because of it's age. It's now a year old and Google trusts it a lot more. But I suppose that could be wrong. Who knows?

All that matters is that the training here works, it just requires some patience and persistence. Don't ever give up because you will find success if you stick to what you've learned here. It does work.

Keep at it everyone, we're lucky to have found WA.


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OldMCSEGuy Premium
Great to hear.
DarleneB Premium
Good to hear. Keep it up & thanks for the update.
Newguru Premium
JudeP Premium
Well done :)
Newguru Premium
DIAB Premium
Newguru Premium
Thanks very much. I owe it all to the community here and of course Kyle & Carson.
The-Fran Premium
Agreed! WA is a great discovery and wonderful place to learn and practice what is learned. Great testimonial, Robert!

Newguru Premium
I couldn't agree more.