Is it ok to reuse keywords?

Last Update: June 12, 2016

One of my niche websites is pretty specific. Since it's so specific, there are a handful of keywords that are very valuable to me.

My website would be very successful if I could rank on the first page for even just one of the handful of keywords that relate to my niche.

I've written posts that target the main keywords that I would absolutely love to rank for but so far the best ice done for any of them is the 4th page.

I'm wondering if I should write multiple posts targeting the same keywords to give myself a better shot at ranking for those keywords?

Is this a good idea or should I just wait and hope that the original posts I published will eventually creep up in the rankings as I add more content?

I'd love any advice you can offer.



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GabrielMRPR Premium
you can do it but need to be smart and try to make them different, no similars that look like duplicates. because google can penalize your page and lower your PR and in the worst case scenario it can be blacklisted [ban]. so remember if you really want to do it make every one of them as unique as possible using different photos and other medias and wordings remember we see text and images but search engines, browsers and search engines crawlers and spiders just see lines of codes so make those lines of codes looks different in each post. best regards Gabriel.
Newguru Premium
thanks for the advice. Very interesting perspective
KatieMac Premium
I would be careful about using them as it could be looked at as duplicate content and it is a no no with google have you considered related keywords
mergie1 Premium
I also read somewhere that it is not a good idea to rank for the same keywords on more than one post within your site. Try adding plurals or an extra word in.
jvranjes Premium
Be careful with this
Newguru Premium
Thanks. I read the training and I appreciate you directing me to it.
mackiejw Premium
I'll PM you