I Love Being Ranked The Worst Of The Worst

Last Update: June 24, 2016

Keyword research can actually be quite fun especially when you've found a nice hidden gem.

I reserve a good amount of time to keyword research and one thing that I've learned is that a low competition keyword can actually be very difficult to rank for......At least for me.

One thing that happens to me quite frequently is that I'll find a real nice keyword that has very low competition, like a QSR of 10 or less with an average of 100 or more searches per month.

Looks great and from everything I've been taught here at WA this is a great keyword to target. Not to mention very very relevant to my niche.

BUT......And that is a huge BUT.......I am the king of not ranking for low hanging fruit keywords.

I'm not sure if this happens to everybody but I often end up ranking like 20th position or 30th, 40th, 50th or not ranking at all for keywords that have a fewer than 20 QSR according to Jaaxy.

This not only annoys me but it makes me question everything I've learned.

One main reason this annoys me is because sometimes I'll rank on page 1 for a keyword that has very high competition. It just doesn't make sense.

That's my rant for the day.



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JudeP Premium
I honestly think it's just a matter of time until Google increases your site trust and then moves you up the rankings - it sounds as though you are doing all the right things to get there :)
Newguru Premium
I hope you're right. Thanks for the input.
EricBray Premium
Robert, I have the same problem.
I have tried keywords with QSRs under 10 with SEO of 99 or 100, but still sit in the 20s or 30s with Google giving preference to sites with the keywords scattered in text rather than an exact match to title!!
I know that backlinks are not given good press at WA but I am seriously considering a Hoth package now.
It could be that the time it takes for sites to mature with Google for better rankings could be longer. I have not seen any comments by anyone noticing a change in the time it takes for Google to take a site seriously but I am beginning to believe it may have changed.
It is frustrating, I agree, especially when taking a lot of time and effort to produce quality content.
Newguru Premium
I really do think you're right. It must take a lot longer than it used to. Although I'm not sure if you watched any of Jay's case studio where he built a website on snack helmets. But he was ranking number 1 in a matter of weeks. Who knows. Thanks for the input though.

crfnay Premium
I'm not to the ranking stage yet but my luck seems to run about like yours. It'll be interesting to see how it works out for me. Liked your post.
Newguru Premium
I think it just takes a lot of work and persistance.