Questions by Neuman 9

What is seo saying to me about my posts (see pic)?
All the SEO analyses are green, except "TG" is blue and says this, what…
6 hours ago 4 Replies
Using the same wording in a product review, is that okay?
When I am creating product reviews of similar items and brands, is it…
7 months ago 3 Replies
What is the exact way to disclose being an amazon associate?
I appreciate this video below that people keep telling me to watch, but…
7 months ago 5 Replies
Affiliated links in blog posts?
I know that I am supposed to be putting affiliated links in product reviews,…
11 months ago 4 Replies
Posts aren't showing up after being published?
Hello, one of my posts isn't showing up as the latest post on my blog…
11 months ago 12 Replies
How do I upload and html file to verify website?
Hello, Flex Offers affiliate program is having my upload and HTML file…
11 months ago 6 Replies
Word press pages not appearing in the backstage?
Hello, I have 3 pages that show up on my website (Home, Privacy Policy,…
11 months ago 7 Replies
Setting up the home page how I want it?
Hello, I want my home page to have a featured image with the updated content…
11 months ago 3 Replies
Word smashing, am I doing it?
Hello,I am trying to make sure I don't word smash with my articles, which…
11 months ago 12 Replies