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This is probably one of the hardest blog posts I have ever written... It took me at least 3 tries of rewriting (over the course of several days), condensing and paraphrasing to get this post to what I considered to be a manageable post for people to read.Who I AmI just updated my profile here on WA to include a few additional details about myself. So, I won't bore you with too much more.I'm a happily married man, of 40 Years, with 3 children, 8 grand children, and 1 great grand child.I have bee
September 21, 2016
I can't believe that the time is flying by so quickly... Day 14 of my journey to Top 10 by 2017!As you can see I am making good progress towards my goal!I pledge to get more involved and share my experience with the community. I really like WA and the community of individuals that is included with it. For this reason, I am launching a crusade to tell more people about WA and assist them in getting involved in Affiliate Marketing.Onward!!!
September 19, 2016
When I started WA (just 12 days ago), I was committed to giving at least 2 hours per day towards my success.Now that I am closing up the 2nd week with WA, I am starting to see a pattern and a variance emerge between my planned and actual commitment time.For me, working the weekends is not an option. I have too much of my time over-allocated to other projects and family to commit anytime to WA on the weekends.However, the weekdays provide me with additional time that I can set aside and utilize
September 14, 2016
Momentum is slowing down, however, I am still making progress towards my goal.The last few days have been hectic so I know that has impacted my rankings a little. I'll be able to give 110% the next few days so I should be able to get back on track for reaching the Top 10 for 2017!
September 09, 2016
I'm making great progress towards my goal of Top 10 by 2017..As you can see, I had another great day, jumping by another 2000+ in my Ranking Status.Besides just making progress towards my primary goal of being in the TOP 10 by 2017. I have nailed down my niche, acquired my domain, and I am working on building my website and beginning to work on traffic generation ideas. Call me paranoid, but I'm not ready to announce my niche yet... Until my website is up and I have a significant amount of traf
September 08, 2016
I saw a HUGE jump in my rankings today!Not sure what caused the big boost in My Rank other than blogging and upgrading to Premium. However, I am not stopping or slowing down because my goal is to be in the Top 10 by 2017!
September 07, 2016
I just signed up for Premium today... It looks like from my ranking, I have no where to go but up!Follow along with me on my journey, as I aspire to get to the Top 10 by 2017!!!
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