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November 08, 2016
I was setting here this morning, thinking about the day, and what I need to get accomplished today. Then it dawned on me, I have been with WA now for 62 Days (2 month mark)!I thought it was a little ironic that it's my 62nd day with WA and I have achieved the Rank of 162!With this achievement, I think I will take the day off!:-)
Lately, I have seen some conversations in the chat area about how to create content by posting anonymously to your blog?Apparently, some people that are just getting started want to try blogging but they don't want their name going out on all the blog posts. Or, they are writing about controversial subjects and they don't want to have their name associated with the blog posts.It could also be that these individuals are looking to build a brand instead of branding themselves... Some time ago, I
November 04, 2016
I was running my website(s) using various Free Themes that were available on the internet and in the WordPress Express theme market place. My sites were running just fine and they were climbing in the search engine ranks, but not as fast as I had hoped...And then I found a theme that I really liked from, I bit the bullet and purchased the theme, and I applied this them to one of my websites just to try something different... So that you know, StudioPress themes
November 03, 2016
For a long time now, I have been hosting my own Dedicated Server using one of the inexpensive cloud server solutions. On this server, I run cPanel Virtual Hosts which contain all the domains and website that I currently own (too many to count).I don't have any complaints, my sites run very good and I have a 99.99% up time record. However, I have some of these sites that I have owned for over 5 years and have not really done a lot with.Recently, after getting started with WA, I started thinking
I'm having a great day and I just wanted to let the world know it...I see a lot of new faces on WA and everyone seems to be really loving the platform and all that it offers.Welcome to Everyone!!
October 27, 2016
Today is my 50th Day with WA since going Premium!And today is a GREAT DAY because I just broke into the Ranks of the Top 200!What makes this day so great for me, is that achieving a Rank in the Top 200 is one of the milestones I have set for myself on my goal towards Top 10 by 2017!Wealthy Affiliate is a Great system!The training that WA provides, the tools that are available, and the community of "Like Minded" entrepreneurs make being part of this opportunity fantastic. I firmly believe, I am
One day, back in April of this year, I sent my wife to our local Tractor Supply store to pick up a few essential items, dog food, lawn seed, etc... Several hours later, she showed up back home with the items I had asked her to pickup. However, to my surprise, she also bought 12 little baby chicks!I asked her, "what are we going to do with chickens?"Her response, "raise them so we can have fresh eggs!"What a great idea... But, at the time we had no place to keep 12 chickens. So, over the next se
If you are new to WA, or even if you have been around for a while... Sooner or later you are going to feel overwhelmed and feel like you just don't have enough time in the day to get everything done that you had planned.Don't put undue stress on yourself, by spreading yourself to thin, allocate your time to the tasks that are most important to your day.Here's a suggestion that I use; At the start of the day, make yourself a list of 4 - 6 tasks that you want to accomplish that day.Rank those ta
I took on a new endeavor today.... Launching a new Affiliate site for WA!I own a domain that I used back in the day when I was trying to make a living from Network Marketing (MLM). The domain has just been setting dormant for several years, still working (I kept it maintained, software updates, etc...) and promoting old links that no longer were attributed to me, since I left those companies long ago.I've already got my niche site up and running, adding content weekly to build traffic and begin
October 18, 2016
I'm truly amazed at how many people, each day, are presented with what WA offers!I don't know the total numbers, but I would love to be able to see how many new people each day come to WA and signup for a membership. Not just people that signup for Premium or the free accounts, but the total number of visitors to WA each day.Being involved in the WA community, I like to hang out and comment on the Goals that the new people are entering each day (in this blog post);https://my.wealthyaffiliate.c