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Few images disappeared from blogs, why?
I rearanged categories and switched blogs from one category to another.…
2 years ago 8 Replies
From google search console :expired ssl certificate?
Hi, I created a new Google Search Console account and Analytics with a…
2 years ago 2 Replies
Can I record a piece of movie from my own dvd?
Hello everybody. Can I record a piece of movie from the purchased DVD…
2 years ago 9 Replies
How to transfer media files from website to computer?
Hi, I want transfer images(only) from my website into my computer because…
2 years ago 10 Replies
Difference between search tools when checking for ranking?
Hi, I wonder why is the difference between positions when I check for…
2 years ago 24 Replies
I wonder why I cannot post a comment?
I wanted to comment on blogs of members but I can not because the Add…
2 years ago 5 Replies
Internal links on the search console?
I can not see the data from my website for internal links on the Google…
2 years ago 4 Replies
Best amazon payment method using onelink?
Hi here. I wonder which way is best to get payment from Amazon if you…
2 years ago 15 Replies
Where to put a sale's page?
Hello, everybody. I wonder where would be a best place for sale's page?…
2 years ago 9 Replies
How to transfer a theme from studiopress to wa?
I bought a theme from StudioPress.I wonder how I can transfer it here…
2 years ago 19 Replies
How I can use jaaxy when I quit it in the middle of billing cycle?
I quit with Jaaxy in the middle of the billing cycle, on February 10.…
3 years ago 1 Reply
It is worth to keep unused domains?
Hello. I wonder if it is worth of money and time to keep unused domains.…
3 years ago 18 Replies
How long I need wait for verification email?
I asked six days ago about verification email for the domain. The team…
3 years ago 2 Replies
How long I need to wait for verification mail from wa?
I want to transfer few domains from NameCheap. I got authorization codes,…
3 years ago 14 Replies
How long takes to check comment uniqueness?
Hello everybody. I wonder how long do I need to wait till comment uniqueness…
4 years ago 29 Replies
Which internet devices work best for you and why?
Hello, fellow members. I would like to ask about Internet devices. Which…
4 years ago 36 Replies
Where is google profile id?
I have Google Plus account, I went to settings and about section. I do…
4 years ago 26 Replies
Writing comments on your phone, it works?
Hello everybody! I wonder if somebody has experience writing comments…
4 years ago 29 Replies
Website does not let copy and paste in comments area why?
Hello. I want to give more comments as much as possible. Usually, when…
4 years ago 7 Replies
How to pick a right keyword for page or post in jaaxy?
I wonder if I miss something, when I pick keyword for post. Usually I…
4 years ago 21 Replies
Site comments open slowly, it s just for me?
I want to offer comments, but this Site Comment feature does not open.…
4 years ago 13 Replies
I add content to blogs, google counts it as publishing new?
Hello everybody. I wonder if I add content to my existing blogs, does…
4 years ago 14 Replies
How to give feedback, if domain is not hosted in wa?
I wanted to give feedback, but when I got offered few websites, where…
4 years ago 9 Replies
The number of google results is found. what it really means?
When I look for particular world in Google, I see on the top of first…
4 years ago 12 Replies
Friendly spams, it is true?
I got a lot comments, over few hundreds, which I approved during one month.…
5 years ago 34 Replies
A program which allows edit picture and remove background?
I would like to edit my photos and remove background leaving object being…
5 years ago 14 Replies
Page description regarding seo sentences from middle okay?
Hello everybody, I wonder if for description of page regarding SEO, can…
5 years ago 14 Replies
Is akismet always right sorting comments?
Hello everybody. I wonder if Akismet sorts spam in a right way. I checked…
5 years ago 27 Replies
Hi, my whole pages are in html language. I wonder, why?
I added picture to one of my pages and saw that no text editor in my pages,…
5 years ago 18 Replies
My domains hosting company how I can use wordpress here?
Hi, I have domains and a host for them. How I can use Wordpress theme…
5 years ago 4 Replies