Sorry Kyle and Carson, But I'm VERY Disappointed With WA.

Last Update: August 23, 2019

I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate on August 6th and upgraded to Premium a day later.

I had high hopes for the program, given that it’s been around for so long and boasts 1.5 million members, making it (presumably) the most popular affiliate marketing course in the world.

In the 2.5 weeks since joining, I’ve spent 40+ hours going through all 120 core training lessons and a significant amount of the other material in WA.

Along the way I’ve taken over 300 pages of notes. (I know, I’m weird.)

The deeper I’ve gone, the more disappointed and frustrated I’ve become.

As a result, if someone asked me today if they should join WA, I’d have to say absolutely not.

I’ll tell you how I got there in a minute, but first…

Why Complain?

I’m sure some folks reading this will write me off as a hater or naysayer, but I believe my intentions for writing this are honorable.

Mainly, I’m hoping to make things better.

I’ll soon be canceling my Premium membership and moving on from WA, but I’m aware that ~5000 new people sign up to this platform each week.

Hundreds of them become paying members.

And I’d like those people – as well as current WA members, of course – to receive much better training than what’s currently available inside WA.

Because the training I see within WA today leaves a lot to be desired, and IMO it’s highly unlikely to produce successful affiliate marketers in 2019.

So hopefully Kyle and Carson will read this and start making some big improvements around here.

Airing my grievances publicly should make the list of complaints below harder to ignore.

It also gives you and others in the community an opportunity to chime in.

One of the things I like most about WA is that members are allowed to voice complaints openly.

This is me voicing mine, and I welcome you to voice yours in the comments.

Whether you agree with me or not.

Allow me to introduce myself

  • My name is Niall and I’m from Ireland.

  • I’ve been building websites for 20 years.

  • I quit my last “real job” in 2010 and have been working online and traveling the world ever since (50+ countries, currently living in Bali).

  • Since 2010 I’ve mostly earned a living from freelance web design, but also from blogging, ebooks, online courses, and advertising.

  • Over the last 20 months I’ve spent more than $20,000 on conferences, coaching and courses related to online business.

Last December, I decided to focus on affiliate marketing.

Here are my affiliate earnings since:

As you can see, my earnings are trending in the right direction.

But Wealthy Affiliate hasn’t had anything to do with that.

7 Big Problems With Wealthy Affiliate

I’ll be publishing a more detailed review of WA on my own site next week, so I’ll try to keep this short.

1. Outdated Training

I’ve gone through all 120 lessons in the core training (Online Entrepreneur Certification + Affiliate Bootcamp).

Most of the videos I’ve seen in there date from 2015-2016.

Some date from as early as 2012.

Much of the text accompanying those videos clearly hasn’t been updated for years either (despite what the “last updated” dates say).

This wouldn’t be an issue, except we’re talking about affiliate marketing here.

This industry evolves FAST!

What worked in 2016 isn’t nearly as effective today.

To give but one example, there are 10 whole lessons in the Affiliate Bootcamp devoted to Bing and Yahoo PPC.

Those lessons come BEFORE any training on Google PPC, with the justification that “Yahoo and Bing still get around 33% of search traffic online.”

No, they don’t.

As per, Google has held a ~90% market share since as far back as 2009.

No affiliate marketer in their right mind would focus on Bing and Yahoo ahead of Google nowadays.

Furthermore, the core training in WA seems to get more outdated the deeper you go.

Only the free training appears any way recent.

(I have a theory as to why that might be, but it’s probably better left unsaid!)

2. Outdated Credibility

Kyle reveals three of his affiliate sites throughout the WA training.

I checked them all on Ahrefs this month.

The numbers do not look good in 2019.

Here’s the “best” one:

As you can see, that site has been in free fall since 2017.

Kyle was adding content up until March 2018, long after the free fall had begun.

Now the site receives only 54 visitors from Google each month.

Is it too much to ask for an example site in the core training that’s actually thriving in 2019?

Kyle does mention Jay’s Football Snack Helmets site in the free training.

But that one doesn’t look very impressive in Ahrefs either, with an estimated 367 visitors from Google each month:

I’ve seen a screenshot showing more than $1000 in earnings for that site right before the 2016 Super Bowl.

But nothing more recent than that.

I asked Jay via private message, respectfully, if he could share more up-to-date screenshots of his earnings from that site.

Jay did respond, but let’s just say it was not a positive response.



Come on guys!

You are the lead trainers in WA!

How are we supposed to take your training seriously if all you’re showing us are earnings screenshots from 3+ years ago??

This wouldn't matter much if lots of WA students were still getting good results in 2019.

But I'm not seeing it.

Nathaniell is keeping a list of "2019 Income Proof" from WA students here.

I went through all 51 examples listed under "Making Money Online!" and took notes.

  • 41 individuals.

  • 8 reported what I'd classify as great results.

  • 25 reported decent results, or didn't provide enough info to determine their level of success, or were reporting earnings from something other than affiliate marketing.

  • 8 reported what I'd classify as poor results (usually very small earnings after many years of trying).

Maybe it’s just me, but with more than 600 people signing up for Premium each week, if the WA training was truly still effective, I'd expect to see way more than 8 people achieving great results in 2019.

3. Misleading Claims

I’ll limit myself to just three examples here.

First, from the free training:

  • “It is going to take less than 30 seconds to get a fully operational, profit ready Wordpress website up and running online.”

I’ll let another WA member respond to that (via the comments here):

Second, from Kyle’s Diamond Traffic Program:

  • “Wealthy Affiliate members have always noticed notable "boosts" in rankings and traffic with every Google update.”

It’s not hard to find WA members reporting otherwise:

And third, this gem from the free training:

  • “With what we have already given you, you could easily scale a campaign to make over $1 MILLION per fact, if you put your effort into just one of these target audiences, you could likely make that with just one.”


4. Bad Advice

Limiting myself to three examples here, too.

First, from the free training:

  • “There is NO SUCH THING as choosing the wrong niche.”

I’ve seen a variation of this mentioned several times throughout the core WA training.

Of course, there IS such a thing as choosing the wrong niche.

Search within WA and you’ll see that many members have found that out the hard way…


  • List the price in your Amazon reviews

Back in May, another WA member noted this bad advice within the core training:

When I checked earlier this week – more than 4 months AFTER MoneyMech’s blog post – the training still hadn’t been updated.

Which means new Premium members are still being taught to list prices in their Amazon reviews, and risk getting banned by Amazon as a result.


  • Manually backup your WordPress site every week

This is advised in Phase 2, Lesson 6 of the Affiliate Bootcamp:

Don’t do this.

There are free WordPress plugins you can use to automate your website backups, and there have been for years.

(I use the free version of UpdraftPlus.)

5. Missing Crucial Info

Going through all 120 core training lessons in WA, I noticed that there was no – or in some cases, grossly insufficient – training on the following topics:

  • Nofollow
  • Building backlinks
  • Affiliate disclosures
  • Google Adsense
  • Alternatives to Google Adsense
  • Caching
  • Updating content
  • External linking to authority sites
  • Citing sources
  • Outsourcing content
  • Schema markup
  • Featured snippets
  • Video (no training in OEC series)
  • YouTube SEO
  • Alternatives to Jaaxy
  • Which sources of traffic are best and why
  • Email marketing
  • Instagram
  • WordPress page builders

To be clear: most of these topics are addressed – with varying levels of proficiency – within Wealthy Affiliate.

The issue is that they are not addressed within the core WA training material!

And many of them are absolutely crucial to affiliate marketing success.

For example:

These are big, important things you might never know as a member of WA.

6. Poorly Organized

Within the core WA training, lessons often appear scattered, disjointed, and repetitive.

I get the distinct impression that the entire course was not planned out in advance, but rather pieced together haphazardly over the years.

For example:

  • It’s not until the 46th lesson of the OEC that you receive instructions on how to plan out an article before you start writing it. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if you hadn’t already been advised to write 20+ articles throughout the previous 45 lessons!

7. Broken Ranking System

The community here in WA is great in many ways, but I’ve been amazed at how much time and effort some members seem to devote to writing comments and blog posts that add very little value.

For example, I received 18 welcome messages from other members when I upgraded to Premium, the majority of which seemed very generic, as if copied and pasted from a template.

And I’ve seen countless more comments throughout WA that felt like a complete waste of time.

Someone might post a question, for example, and get a response like this:

  • “I don’t know the answer but hopefully someone else does! Good luck!”

This baffled me for a while, but then I learned about the Wealthy Affiliate ranking system.

If you’re not familiar, all WA members are ranked according to their contributions to the WA community (details here), and the top 25 are referred to as “ambassadors.”

There’s even a leaderboard.

This explains why you see so many people posting so many generic messages and comments within WA: everyone’s trying to improve their ranking!

But here’s the thing:

It’s entirely possible to achieve a high ranking in Wealthy Affiliate... and still suck at affiliate marketing!

I’ve gone through the leaderboard and found several examples of folks ranking in the top 50 while simultaneously reporting that they’re struggling to earn money from affiliate sites they’ve been working on for years!

This is madness.

Presumably the WA ranking system was intended to get more members contributing thoughtful content and helpful comments.

But mostly it just serves as a distraction.

Many folks seem to be so caught up in improving their WA ranking that they’re devoting little time to building successful affiliate sites.


To summarize, the 7 big problems I see with Wealthy Affiliate are:

  • Outdated Training
  • Outdated Credibility
  • Misleading Claims
  • Bad Advice
  • Missing Crucial Info
  • Poorly Organized
  • Broken Ranking System

All of these issues are especially inexcusable for 2 reasons


I think it’s safe to say that Wealthy Affiliate is the most popular affiliate marketing course in the world.

More than 1.5 million members to date.

And by my calculations – based on numbers I’ve seen inside WA – another 750 or so sign up for a free account every single day.

That’s a lot of people who rely on the WA training to build a successful online business.

And I’m sorry, but I believe that training is failing those people miserably.


About 90 of those 750 daily new members eventually upgrade to Premium.

By my calculations – again, all based on numbers I’ve seen inside WA – each paying member is worth about $300.

Multiply 90 x 300 x 365 and you get a very big number.

That’s approximately how much revenue WA is now generating per year.

(Probably an underestimation, actually.)

Granted, WA surely has some big expenses – their hosting costs must be astronomical, for one thing.

But unless my calculations are way off, there should still be plenty of money available to hire a small team of professionals to resolve all the issues outlined above.

Find some people who are earning $5k/month consistently from their own affiliate sites – 2019 screenshots only please! – and pay them another $5k/month each to nurse WA back to health.

Because it sounds like WA was once a great place to learn affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, in 2019, that’s no longer the case.


Kyle and Carson, you seem like good people.

Please make this right.

The WA community deserves better.

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Kyle Premium Featured Comment
I really appreciate your feedback Niall. We have always operated on the idea that if someone complains or offers constructive criticism, it is worth entertaining all their ideas. Sometimes they are great ideas, sometimes poor ideas (based on our experiences), and sometime somewhere in the middle.

I think that you're thinking in most cases is very much in line with ours, with some intricacies that are difficult to observe without adequate insight, data, and perspective. Also, it is difficult to see everything taking place without being behind the scenes and seeing where we are at in terms of our development life cycles, both on an education front, but even more important, on the technology front.

I want to spend a few minutes here responding to your predominantly valid points and offer you some perspective from the business side of things, or things that are not as apparent from the surface level of a one-month member.

****Outdated Training****

Yes, we are aware that training gets outdated. In the last week alone I have pushed 4 new OEC training modules live. The training becomes outdated, primarily due to policy change and interface changes and if you have ever managed a platform with 1,000's of training resources, you would definitely recognize this. It is no easy feat, but something we are completely aware of.

The training also needs to coincide with platform updates, I don't update training if I know there are UX changes coming that will impact the training and make it a 'moot venture'. That is the reality running a technology platform, and one where what YOU see is actually at least 12 months behind where we are at in development.

Wealthy Affiliate is in a state of constant transition, primarily do to the inclusion and integration of entirely new platforms. This is a normalcy here at WA and you can expect to see some really significant updates to the existing platform, as we move into a 2.0 direction.
With every update, certain blocks of "core" training become outdated. This is an ongoing dilemma and the timing which we make is everything.

To be completely frank though, the same processes that worked and that we have been teaching for the last 5-6 years, are still working and will work for several years to come. The fundamentals are intact, but interfaces, policies, regulations (which we are very on top of) change and we are proactive to change these (and certainly are pushing hard now).

There is a minimum of 52 hours of live classes released every year, on completely new and relevant topics. Sure, some of these live classes are outdated now (the ones from years ago), but that is the nature of training. Principles rarely change, technology, interface, policies and regulations do. We keep up with all of these.

****Outdated Credibility****

Again, the fundamentals haven't changed, the surrounding platforms have and their interfaces. I personally got my start in PPC many moons ago, it hasn't changed since 2002 in terms of the process. I transitioned much of my efforts into SEO in 2005 and since then, the SEO industry hasn't changed much at all for white hat marketers.

Is it changing? Yes, if you are chasing algorithm updates. If you are a black hatter, the SEO industry is in a constant state of disruption. I noticed you pointed to a domain, that was the original bootcamp domain.

After 26 posts, this domain was getting 1,500 uniques per day. Over 6 years later, it has still retained MANY of these rankings. No focus on back links, no focus on internal links, or citations, or....anything that is being taught by grey or black hat SEO "experts".

It has retained MOST of its rankings in Bing/Yahoo, but of course as Google has made changes to its desire to have websites that are consistently being updated (which we have taught since day one, 2-3 high quality posts per week is ideal or true pillar articles once per week). That is what Google wants. We create training around that, they are a content platform and they are searching for the best content. Backlinks and anything manufactured are temporary "ranking" solutions that short term minds typically get sucked into.

I have plans and intentions to rebuild a new domain, in the same way WTASO was, or at very least to publish content with more consistency. Typically my efforts and content engine is much better utilized helping people here within WA through blog posts, which you will see with regularity.

FootballSnackHelmets is another website, that ranks #1 overall and was based on a weekly live training case study. Over the years this website has produce significant and consistent income, for a "side" mini-niche website...which is an example of a type of website that can be built once someone has experience, but the focus on creating authoritative, brand worth websites is the focus in the early stages of the training here.

****Misleading Claims****

We certainly don't support misleading claims, and we have spent much of our career contesting companies that run their businesses this way. Some of our arguments here are very much objective, and are deserving of some further conversation.

You had mentioned that I indicated:

"Notable Ranking Boosts Every Google Update."

That is not misleading one bit. I work with 1,000's of people weekly, you are not getting a birds eye view when you cherry pick a post or two RIGHT after a Google Core update. Many of the people that were hit by the Google Core updates of March and June, saw an initial downturn in traffic, then the subsequent peak in traffic was their highest area. That is the reality of Google shuffles, and was the case with all the Google Animal updates from prior years.

On a day in day out basis I am working with people that are getting 1,000's of uniques daily, that still realize that there traffic is still in its very infancy. People in this position are typically not to privy to "boasting" about results, because with that has the tendency to come lots of questions and in many cases, copycatting.

What you can't do is create knee-jerk reactions amongst a community, if you understand SEO you would know that Google (primarily) can give people whiplash when making updates and if you have been creating high quality content, and getting great engagement, you are almost certainly bound to benefit from an update...though it may not be within the first few days of a significant algorithm change. It can take a month or two for the dust to settle and if you had updated your site to try to fix what was wrong (when there actually wasn't), you could have killed your business.

That is the advice we gave, and the advice that is correct and critical surrounding these. We teach people how to rank websites for the long term in the SEO side of training and that will remain.

****Bad Advice****

This is the same argument as training, and yes, I completely agree in some ares there are updates required. This is not a case of bad advice, rather evolving policy and changes to regulations.

I am constantly pushing updates to my training (as mentioned) and there are always going to be intricacies to running a business that change, and I am on top of these as quick as I can and these will shift with regularity moving forward as they have in the past.

RE: the subject matter or quotes you used.

"There is NO SUCH THING as choosing the wrong niche."

I stand behind this, to this day. Always will. There isn't a wrong niche, and if you think that an "evergreen" niche will outproduce something that may not be, or something that is a true passion of someone, then you haven't been in this space long enough to see how businesses play out as the result of "niche selection".

Also, there are incredible hurdles for a newcomer when it comes to the idea of a "niche". It is a scary topic, and if we can eliminate a high percentage of the worry about choosing the perfect niche (which naturally everyone wants to do), then it can lead to quicker action and the development of an actual business.

It is no good to have someone in a state where they don't do anything, which can happen at the niche state. It is something that we have come to understand in the last 14 years and something that we continue to perfect. Easier said than done.

"Wordpress Backups"

Back ups in general are not required or needed here. I have 1,000's of interactions per week, and I am actively training people on proper protocol in terms of back-ups. We have a new UX coming that is going to indexed "back-ups" within it, more so than now even thus this training will reflect that.

****List the Price in Your Amazon Reviews. ****

I will find and remove that. There is ongoing issues with Amazon Associates Policies as there is no consistency, and often times underhanded activity within their network. I work directly with 1,000's of people in the Amazon Associates space, some producing millions in sales on particular months.

Their policies, and technology can be a mess at the best of times...and their transition and enforcement of policies and no policies, is inconsistent.

Use of Amazon images is another one, that is in the grey area...and whether the image is in fact an Amazon image, or another product image from elsewhere. They are having a difficult time effectively enforcing that policy, because they would literally need a team of 100 to work in the division, and ultimately it would be very hard to prove an images authenticity and original source (without access to other website data, which they don't have).

****Missing Crucial Information****

These items that you have outlined are topics covered in detail through the training. The core training certainly is not built to cover every topic, of every facet of building an online business. If it was, it would be 1,000's of lessons long. These are topics that are rooted in opinion often times, such as building back links (so I will discuss that).

It may be something that you favour, but it is something that we have been boldly against here at WA within my training simply because I have droves of evidence indicating manufactured links are harmful, or have a zero net value. There is a reason black hatters were absolutely banished from the internet a few years back, those relying on back links for their ranking score.

The same people teaching that they work, funny enough are building great content that has a good deal of engagement. That is WHY they are rankings, but they are often time selling software or PBN's or training that promotes the idea of back links.

If someone wants to teach back links, and some do, they have the prerogative to do so here within the community.

Again, all of these are covered and if you think the OEC's intention is to guide people about every topic, related to every aspect of business, you are misguided. There are plenty of outlets for advancing education here beyond the OEC, lots of which that I have created, lots of contributed training from the community, and of course 100's of hours of promotion free live classes.

As you mentioned:

"To be clear: most of these topics are addressed – with varying levels of proficiency – within Wealthy Affiliate."

That is the reality and will continue to be the reality as the training environments and platforms continue to evolve. We are very calculated with the implementation of our training environments, the delivery of the training, the technology behind it, the UX, and have weekly discussions on the delivery on the live class topics, and how those are going to be implemented and in what order.

The gaps are getting filled daily and will continue to get filled as time goes on. You will notice the core training is moving in a direction of setting someone up, but then giving them the room to branch out as they wish and you are going to see this as I polish both the OEC and the Bootcamp training through Q4 here, while running advanced Challenges here to the community in parallel.

****Poorly Organized. ****

As mentioned, the OEC and the bootcamp training are going through rebuilds. There are other YEAR LONG trainings that are being built in parallel.

I even ran a lesson last month, indicated the importance of keeping content up to date, outlining and showcasing just how quickly training can get outdated when you are working against potentially 100's of 3rd party environments (that are constantly changing).

Look at the shifts in Google Ads in just the last year, they changed their name, they rolled out new technology, they completely changed their interface, and what is now acceptable within Google Ads is in a state of "unknown", with their review panels being inconsistent at the best of times.

As mentioned, we have to sometimes delay training updates, because of new designs and interfaces that we have coming to WA. We are 12-18 months ahead of "what you see" behind the scenes within WA, and without foreshadowing what are doing, we have to be careful in terms of the video training itself with particular shifts. One menu item update, or small design change, can literally create confusion within 40-50 (if not more) training videos.

Just something to consider when assessing and giving a negative slant on the training. In all reality, we are aware of some training being outdated at times in terms of design (not fundamental process) and typically these training updates are delayed to coincide with technology roll outs. That is the case right now.

****Broken Ranking System****
I think you are confused about the role of the Ambassador within WA, and how it is achieved. An Ambassador is not necessarily a subject matter expert, at any particular subject. We don't have an environment to determine that, and it certainly will not be tied to Ambassadorship when we do (it will be tied directly to training).

It is not the role of an Ambassador, to be an expert. There is actually no way to determine training expertise, based on activity or communication. Ambassadors are WA experts, they understand the platform, and they can and do help point people in the right direction. Some of them are long term veterans, and very successful affiliate marketers, run SEO agencies, local marketing businesses, amazon businesses, PPC experts etc, while some of them are more situated to help newcomers find their way around.
One thing is consistent though, they are actively helping people and are astute and much-needed representatives of the platform itself. There are a lot of moving pieces here, and we are proud that we are running the most helpful and giving community I have seen (free from flame wars).

To create a society like this is harder than you might imagine, and it involves a lot more than you can probably comprehend. That is our job though and not anyone elses to think about and we have 100's of roll outs per year that to help promote a healthy, engaging, and thriving community.


Honestly, I truly appreciate your feedback Niall. We are always on our toes, so it certainly doesn't take posts like that to keep us there and you are going to see some changes in every respect to the conversation here, as we continue to march forward as the leaders in the industry.

Are we perfect? No, we never will be. But every day we learn a lot about people, about ourselves, about our platform, and through feedback like this we are constantly at the drawing board working to evolve the platform and the community here in a positive manner.

One that puts the people first, which is unique in a space where MONEY comes first to businesses. We operate different, which is whey we have kept our price point the same since inception back in 2005.

Again, you are appreciated, the same as everyone here at WA. I hope this was able to offer you some perspective Niall.
midhunvm Premium
Thank you so much, Kyle, for your response.

This is exactly what we needed to hear from you.
It clears all our concerns and reassures that we
are in safe hands.
ndoherty13 Premium
Hey Kyle,

Thanks very much for taking the time to respond.

I know you could have just deleted this post and gone on about your day, so I appreciate you letting it stand.

Again, my goal with all this is to effect positive change, simply because I see how many people rely on the WA training, and I believe it could be serving them much better.

There are many points in your response I could quibble with but I think we've probably reached the point of diminishing returns here, so all I'll say is this:

If I'm a new Premium member who's just getting started with affiliate marketing, I really don't care about the challenges of keeping WA up to date.

All I care about is having access to accurate and comprehensive training that's going to get me results in 2019.

And as a paying member of the most popular affiliate marketing course in the world, I expect that training to be consistent, well organized, and backed by data from recent case studies.

When WA has that, I'll gladly keep my Premium membership, and happily recommend the platform to others.

Thanks again.
JohnJStanley Premium
Thanks Kyle, That's solid.
Well done for taking the time to address the constructive elements of the criticism and respond to them all. I'd rather follow what you are teaching than what Niall is teaching, unless he can provide a better alternative.
You're responses are solid and I have trust in the process to achieve success. Interesting that a lot of the "failures" raised, one can see as "game over" and others that know the platform know that it is all here. So part of this is mindset I believe and the beauty is that people are free to leave if they don't see value.
I see tons of value and the constant improvements are impressive.

Thank you, see you in Vegas in 2021! John
firstlearn Premium
I was believing the things you were saying right up to the fact of the top 200 are called Ambassadors. Talk about others inefficiencies but during the time I have been with WA is has only ever been the top 25 that are Ambassadors.

This for me puts an entirely different slant on your post. This one glaring error means to me you have not really checked any of your facts. Sorry Niall but I am sure you have heard the proverb people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Surely if everything here was perfect you would expect to be paying a lot more for it. I know of several programs that charge $97 a month and they are not perfect either.

ndoherty13 Premium
Thanks for the correction, Derek!

You're right that it's only the top 25 who are Ambassadors, and I've updated my post to reflect that.

In fairness though, the information about Ambassadorship within WA can be contradictory.

In this post from Kyle, for example, it still says that only the top 12 are Ambassadors: Perhaps Kyle can update his post like I've updated mine?
tanzanite Premium
In your estimation, how long should it take Google to recognize a website in its search engines? There does seem to be some kind of waiting period called the Google Sandbox. Are you familiar with it?
ndoherty13 Premium
Here's what Google has to say:

"It is possible for a site to be crawled/indexed within 4 days to 4 weeks. In some cases, it may take longer."

That's from:

As I understand it, the more authority your site has, the more often Google indexes it and therefore the faster new content gets picked up.

But getting your site indexed in the first place can take a while. The tips here should help you speed up the process:
tanzanite Premium
midhunvm Premium
Hi Niall,

I really appreciate your efforts in creating
this post.

Every single thing you said is valid and
things need improvement here in WA.

I have said these things through comments
in training, other member post and live chat.

Most of the time what happens is you get
criticized by "WA fans", as you are experiencing

Interesting thing is that most of these people
are not successful with affiliate marketing rather
they have a "fancy" and high WA rank, which
is a good ego boost for them.

For all the points you have raised, the answer I
keep hearing is that "what WA teaches is evergreen"
and fundamental principles.

Sure for a niche blog, the fundamental thing is
"keyword research + publish quality helpful content"

But that is not an excuse to update the videos in
the OEC training.For example the interface have
changed for Google webmaster/GSC yet we are
given a video training with the old interface.

I have to use youtube to find a training that works
to add my site to GSC.

Maybe there is training by other WA members on
similar subjects, but if basic things like adding a
site to GSC is not answered in the training properly,
what we are paying for?

I am a yearly premium member here in WA.
I see things as it is.

Most people who praise WA are blind. They are
not aware of the other good courses in the market
and how much WA is behind in terms of updated

If you check other affiliate marketing courses, you
will see that they have current sites that are making
$1000's/ month. But Kyle is showing basic sites for
demonstrating instead of a successful affiliate site.

WA pays good recurring commission. Some people
are sticking with WA and praising WA only because
of that. At that same time they are using different
training to grow their business instead of WA.

It looks like Kyle is now more concerned about
improving bootcamp/Super affiliate challenge rather
than "Online Entrepreneur Certification".

He should be, as that is what will bring more profits
for the WA company.

There is also more "platforms" updated here in WA.
But that is not helpful in building a full-time online

If you check most other successful affiliate marketing
courses, they don't provide hosting or keyword research
tools.Because there are so many other good companies
providing that. Instead they provide good quality updated
training, which is lacking in WA.

I still love, WA, Kyle, Carson, and Jay.

WA is a great "all in one" pack for anyone interested in
building an affiliate marketing business.

But the basic training needs to be updated with more
current training, interface videos, sites making real
profits now instead of "case study" studies that are
thrown in the garbage after case study.

Hope, Kyle and Carson will address these issues and
implement solutions soon.
SimonS88 Premium
I agree overall in your opinions and i think also Kyle and Carson easily can improve the training programs, videos, ranking system, more help to actually have success as an affiliate. I have gone through most of the program and the second half i tend to look outside WA for advises and the programs are not that easy and interesting as it was in the beginning.
I'm far from being an expert in this and i think it's important to take this criticism from you in the right way, they have a huge group of members and the potential is absolutely awesome so i would agree that Kyle and Carson has a golden opportunity here for the present members and the future if they focused on improving some of the aspects you pointed out.
Good luck with your work Niall
MelWaller Premium
Nothing is perfect, not even your analysis. You raise some valid points, Other points are a matter of perspective.

You lose credibility by just being here a short time, saying what you want to say and then now you're leaving. It's very hard for anyone to take that seriously.

If you really want to change things here at WA, then stay and offer solid training where needed and respectfully try to work with Kyle and Carson to bring about change in areas that could be improved upon (which could already be underway as they constantly make improvements to this platform and I don't have a crystal ball to see what all the projects are currently) And also be open to where your analysis and observations may be wrong.

Carson2 Premium
I trust you've accomplished your mission? Seriously, as a self proclaimed amateur, shouldn't you be using your time productively?
JKulk1 Premium
I only have one question.
If you are such a successful affiliate marketer ,and I don't doubt you, why in heavens name did you come to this platform? obviously you had no need to.
ndoherty13 Premium
Good question!

First of all, I don't consider myself a successful affiliate marketer by any means.

I started less than a year ago and it's going well so far, but I still consider myself an amateur.

Best I can say is that I know enough to recognize subpar training when I see it!

As for why I joined WA: I'm on a mission to review all the top affiliate marketing courses by the end of the year.
StefanC Premium
Hi Nial,

You talk as if being a successful affiliate marketer required an extreme level of expertise. It doesn't!

Yes, WA can improve and is always improving. However, the information you already have here and all the support is enough for anyone to rank on #1 position Google and thrive.

But... The reality is that it doesn't matter how good the training is, only a small percentage of people will achieve remarkable results and earn a decent income as an affiliate marketer.

You said in your WA review:

"The conclusion I’ve come to is that the Premium training in Wealthy Affiliate was quite effective several years ago, but not so much in 2019."

Ok.. If you know that it's not effective in 2019, then tell me what is effective!

I created a website, wrote 3 articles, and one of them ranked #1 on Google. No backlinks, only in-depth content as we learn here, internal links to the other 2 posts and lots of great pictures. Done!

Is that effective for you?

I'll tell you a secret, there is no secret lol...and saying that WA's training is not effective is complete nonsense because the world's top bloggers don't do anything different than what you learn here.

Of course, there are many details to make your site better, to grow etc.

However, the core principle doesn't change.