A Pleasant Surprise

Last Update: April 04, 2016

Today, when I log-in to WA I am so happy and rather surprise that my rank have gone up to 963. Last week it was rank at 1200 over. I guess, it is an accomplishment for a small celebration. And my website is on the second page. That is a pleasantly surprise for an ameture website builder.

The last blog I wrote was in January 2016. Since then I have been busy building my website and marketing to get referall. Came February I begin to feel the stress and strains of no sale, the last 2 to 3 month. I was at the crossroads of rethinking whether the business is really for me. January and February is the most stress up period for me in the business.

Then came March I decided to take some break with the business and focus more on communicating and making more friends with WA community. To my surprise after making more friends by communicating and helping new or potential members, I realise my business begin to move forward.

From the community I learn so many things with regards to the business. Many motivating blogs really help me a lot to manage my stress and anxiety in the business. I got many good and useful advices from the community.

End of March I found new direction, new motivation and above all I make many good friends in the community. Wealthy Affiliate platform, ambassadors and members are the best place to be and do business.

My advice to those out there who are at the crossroads of giving up, please get advise from the community. You can find motivation and new dirextion here. By communicating with members here.

I just want to thank you all WA founders, ambassadors, new and season member, from the bottom of my heart for all the help, motivation and friendship. Now I found a new direction in the business, that is helping other to success. Be it new members or my referall. The money aspects, let it come naturally.

Thank you guys. Keep the good work coming.

Nazmi Mohamed

From Singapore with love. LOL.

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JudeP Premium
A great motivational post Nazmi, thank you :)
Gloriajk Premium
Congrats Nazmi,
Keep up the great work!
SuphatPasree Premium
dianegailit Premium
That is fantastic! Congratulations ~ Diane
Loes Premium
Way to go Nazmi! Congrats on both