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February 11, 2022
Yesterday I made my first sale promoting Wealthy Affiliate Membership after two almost three months rejoining WA. I am delighted and motivated to move on. This is proof that WA training and platform are still relevant in today's online marketing. I try to follow all the training and advice from mentors here.To be precise, I already made almost USD 200 last December 2021 from advertisements on my website. For a new member here, my point is that do not feel discouraged if there is no sale for a f
Today I did upgrading my membership from Premium to Premium Plus. Why upgrade? The huge discount is just too hard to ignore. So, as of 11 am today, Singapore time, I'm a Premium Plus. And I rank at 200 after my upgrade.. In my opinion, it is not just the huge saving but also the value of training and support that I will be getting from my upgrading.I hope to fast track goals I set up in 2016. I should have achieved my dream goals this 2021. If not for my decision to focus on my offline business
October 05, 2021
Surprise ... woke up this morning to see me ranking 194 in Wealthy Affiliate ranking. Not in my intention to be ranking in the first two hundred.This only happen less than 2 months when I decide to be with the community again.What this meant to me? The ranking really motivate me. I hope the ranking will help to push me in achieving my dream to retire comfortably without cash worry. LOL On top of that to help thousands out there looking to improve their life and financial. I must guess this is
September 17, 2021
Writing has always be my greatest fear. Naturally English is not my mother tougue language. Not just that, I just barely passed my English Language in every exam 😁😁. Usually I ask my children to do for me my blogs and I will vetted accordingly. But since my come back to WA somehow I am inspired to blog and write contents myself.So I'm practicing my English and writing here in WA blog.It's never an easy one for me. But I find it satisfying and I feel the sincerity in my blogging
September 04, 2021
Hello Guys,Just updating my progress. This week have been my very most hectic week. Somehow I manage to squeeze a little time to force myself to commit a little time with WA training.I have learnt how to transfer my domain from site rubix to my purchased domain. Also to inserts email and feedback or comments in the website.Choose a website and many more. 💪🏼I find many updated materials and information in the trainings. (Was a member from 2015 to 2018. Now back again with WA 202
Wow after 5 years away from WA, I'm back again in WA to relearn again building website and looking for ideas to relive my business. I hope this new journey and new advanture will have positive impact not oly to my businesses but also to my life.Wish me luck. Hope to make more friends here to exchange ideas and learning from other experiences.All the best my friends and be happy always.Nazmi MohamedSingapore.
Hello my friends. I am happy to introduce another new premium member with Wealthy Affiliate.Please welcome LittleKathy to the club. Guys.
"Birds don't just fly, they fall down and get upNobody learns without getting it wrongI won't give up, no I won't give in"Till I reach the end and I'll start again.
June 04, 2016
Hi good people of WA. On the 4th of June one of my referall join as premium member. Please help me welcome him to the community. His profile is psheniza. Thank you guys. Mohamed.
April 04, 2016
Today, when I log-in to WA I am so happy and rather surprise that my rank have gone up to 963. Last week it was rank at 1200 over. I guess, it is an accomplishment for a small celebration. And my website is on the second page. That is a pleasantly surprise for an ameture website builder. The last blog I wrote was in January 2016. Since then I have been busy building my website and marketing to get referall. Came February I begin to feel the stress and strains of no sale, the last 2 to 3 month.