Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories!

Last Update: January 01, 2020

Hello folks,

I thought it would be a great idea to gather up some success posts - please feel free to suggest more in the comments and I can add them to the list.

It can be good to have your own list to look at every now and then and they can be a great source of motivation.

I've always found reading success posts inspiring and they've often given ME the boost I've needed to keep pushing forward.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list by any means, as there have been so many success stories and many goals achieved in recent times.

So, please feel free to share some of your favourites in the comments and I can add it to the list... Or a link to your own success stories too!

The below posts include all sorts of milestones, including some traffic ones too.

All the best,

Nat :)

First $1000 month!

3 Years At WA - Sold A Website For $40,000!

Made over $13,000 in ONE MONTH!

$1000 Month!

An Increase Of 5000 Viewers In One Day!

Sold first blog for $13,000 in just 18 months!

Set to make $5000 in December!

100 visitors before 10am!

First $250 made on a two month old site!

First $1000 Month Achieved!

Broke Into 4 Digits A Month!

Over $10.000 Made In August!

$4.9k Made In August!

First $700 Commission, First $2000 Week!

Reached 4-Figures A Month In One Year!

Still Making Money From Old Disused website!

First Amazon Payment!

WA Training That Led To An Additional $2300+ Per Month!

First $100 Day!

Over $5,000 In June - On Track For $10k A Month By The End Of 2018!

Sold Two Websites For $9000!

Over $12,000 A Month!

First $1000 Month!

Made Over $400 With Amazon!

Sold Blog For $3000!

Over $2,500 In ONE Day, From ONE Lead!

Over Half A MILLION Monthly Views On Pinterest!

Just Under $1000 From Amazon!

$2000 A Month Goal Reached!

:) :)

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will37 Premium
This is exactly what I was looking for Natalie ! thanks for spending the time putting this together :)
TimMcKinlay Premium Plus
Nice work putting this together Natalie, thank you :)
NatNiches Premium
You're welcome Tim! Thank you!! :) :)
RDulloo Premium
Thanks for sharing! It's great to look at success stories once in a while to help boost inspiration and motivation. I favourited this post!
NatNiches Premium
Thank you and good luck!
xoloxogo Premium
a small mistake, the first link is wrong , please check it
NatNiches Premium
I think I've corrected now - if you refresh and recheck, is it there? Thanks! :)
xoloxogo Premium
xoloxogo Premium
great job, thank you for your collecting!that's what I want to read now as a newbie! just like you know what I am thinking!amazing!
NatNiches Premium
You're welcome!!! It's brilliant to read and also great to see how WA can lead to earning income in unexpected ways... Such as selling your website/blog for thousands! All the best for 2019!