Procrastination Gets You Nowhere!

Last Update: October 07, 2020

Boy am I struggling to get motivated this week, after having a break over the school holidays while I had my granddaughter. It's like my mind has gone blank..(that could just be old age though:) ). What makes it even harder is worrying about finding a rental with acreage, so I can bring my horses home as they are my inspiration.

I found the above image and overlaid my horses on it, Becca on the left at the front and my boy Nathy on the right (I added a couple of other horses just to fill in the space a bit). It's not the same as looking out the window to see them or to walking to the paddock to get into my happy place. It will do until I get them back home with me, they are my motivation, Nathy has been my therapist for almost 4 years now, and Becca keeps me on my toes constantly.

I feel better now this has helped me feel like writing again, so I'm off to write my WA review instead of procrastinating as I have been the last few days. Onward and Upwards!!

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firstlearn Premium
Great picture to go with your post Pauline.

nathyandi Premium
Thanks Derek, I love playing with graphics🙂
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Great post! Just keep moving forward!
philmedia Premium Plus
I love people who write about procrastinating about writing , its a great double bind. Its seems you are off and heading in the right direction again... all the very best, Phil
FlxGo99 Premium
There you go, you already had some done today. Keep going on. You can do it.

I wish you better days ahead.

nathyandi Premium
Thank you, I love this community you are all so supportive:)
TFies Premium
Hi, hope your days are getting better. I also had an off week, no energy no motivation which means no work got done...keep pushing forward!!!

nathyandi Premium
Thanks I'll keep pushing, one step at a time, I started writing and went blank again but I'll get there.:)