Two Fixes For That 8020 Volatility

Last Update: February 21, 2020

I'm in Vegas right now for the Wealthy Affiliate conference, and conversations about affiliate marketing are firing on all cylinders. It doesn't matter what we're talking about - beer, boxing matches, or Bitcoin...somehow we always end up talking about affiliate marketing at the end of the night.

One conversation really stuck in my head though - the idea that very often, 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

For example, it's super common for a site to have just one or two killer articles that have massive traffic, while the rest of the content is pretty mediocre in terms of results.

The trouble with that is, if anything goes wrong with those killer articles, your traffic or monthly income can get crushed in a short period of time. A Google update. A rogue affiliate program. A super strong competitor. Lots of things can go wrong!

So how do you fix that? How can you fortify your business against catastrophy? There's two main strategies I try to work on.

1. Fatten Up Your Low-Traffic Keyword Foundation

This is actually the easier of the two strategies because you don't have to be real smart to implement it. The aim here is simply to rank for a lot of stuff, across a broad range of keywords.

In other words, write more articles, rank for more terms, and get traffic coming in from more sources as a results.

If you have 1000 articles on your site brining in just 10 visitors per day, that's 10,000 visits per day to your website. JUST TEN VISITORS PER DAY! You might think that 1,000 blog posts seems impossible but 5 article per week over a span of four years is 1000 articles on your website.

Keep your mindset long term!

This is all just speculation and projection about numbers, but the main point to take home is that building up your base of content over time can make your online business more robust. It may not seem like the single post you publish today is worth much, but it adds up over time.

2. Find More "Unicorns"

A unicorn usually describes something that is unexpected, or seemingly unreal. In this context, I'm just talking about those wildly successful blog posts that you just don't expect. You might land a keyword on page one or have a Pinterest post go viral, but these incredibly successful blog posts can double or triple your traffic over night (for a short period of time).

Eventually, most peter out, but how can you recreate that success? Find another unicorn!

It's important to try to think outside the box. For example, instead of using Jaaxy's main keyword search function, I like to use Alphabet Soup.

Using the example above, for my beer website, I may find some obvious terms like "how to brew an ale" or "how to brew lager". But I can also discover some unique ideas like:

  • how to brew beer with video courses
  • how to brew gluten free beer

These keywords might flop, but they also might hit the jackpot. You have to take the risk and put in the work even though you aren't sure there will be a reward.

In my experience, a ton of affiliate website creators out there are just going through the motions. They do some basic keyword research, outsource articles to content mills, and try to flip their sites a year later. They don't care that much about their business.

If you put in the hours and create a unique, trusted brand, with AUTHORITY among your audience, you're going to shoot past those weak competitors one by one until you're all over page 1.

Decreasing The Volatility Of Your Business

I've always had swings in traffic and sales for all my websites, but over time, as I add more content and incrementally improve my business, those swings come less often, and are less volatile.

When one post dips, another one rises. As interest in one topic fades, you have a fresh one to take its place.

Keep laying bricks everyone, and have a great weekend!

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Swangirl Premium
Great points! I have my biggest unicorn post ever right now on the coronavirus is exploding!! My little second site with only 14 posts is getting over 250 organics a day because of this one post. It got 26 sales today!

I definitely agree with diversifying and adding content to add keywords and traffic/sales.
WaltM Premium
Hey Nathanial! I love the post pal, right now, its basically right on the nail for me! I think I just got ranked in Google first time ever. HOWEVER! (More to go n learn!) With that being shared I think content creating is a very interesting task! Whew! FIRECRACKER STUFF! You are solid right too on all your points about the 80/20 rule, I'm only in my first month with WA and a brand newbie! Man! A lot of worthy work! ... So what you share about fattening up the "low-traffic" keyword stuff really benefits me well right now too! I am just at the start of laying the foundation to my first website! Keeps me going! Well you know! Thanks for everything here!

nathaniell Premium
Great work so far Walter. We've talked a bunch of times, and I'm happy you are engaging in the community. The advice I got when I got started was simply to be involved in some way or another here, and it work for me, and I know it'll work for you too.

Good luck with your keyword research efforts, and hit me up if you have any questions along the way!
LadyLou Premium
Hi Nathanial, I will take a lot from your post, as I always do.
I have a couple of posts that are ranking well, one of which I have several sales a day from. I need more of those kind of posts, you have motivated me to keep trying to find successful keywords and adding quality content.
Thank you
nathaniell Premium
Several sales a day is amazing!
LadyLou Premium
Thank you.
Those sales are part of the motivation to keep going.
Ropesa Premium
Hi Nathaniell, first I want to congratulate you on making to Vegas again, and I wish and hope that I will also join you and the other super affiliates in the future.

The next thing I want to add is that I don't know how you can find the time to write this post while you are in Vegas but I sure appreciate it very much, so thank you.

If it were me in Vegas, I don't think I would sit somewhere and write a post, too much excitement I guess lol

The tips you have shared in this post are super helpful, especially the part about using the Alphabet soup, and also about having a long term mindset.
When you mentioned 1k posts I was like wow, that is not possible, but now I see what you mean 5 posts per week over a period of 4 or 5 years makes sense.

Thank you so much and enjoy your time in Vegas.

nathaniell Premium
Hehe. We're talking about Wealthy Affiliate all day, so it was easy to take 10 minutes in the evening to knock this out and share my thoughts.
DerekMarshal Premium
Awesome Nate, but I do question the 10 visitors per post per day. I just can't see that happening for 1,000 posts, unless a site has significantly more (5x-10x) content in total.

(I'm referring to organic traffic alone, just to be clear).

Still Point taken, and excellent point. The more content we have the more stable our traffic can be from natural and non-natural (algo changes) fluctuations.

My own philosphy is the more content we create the more we help people to find our sites.

Using jaxxy to it's full potential is great...when we do, we realise its a full on SEO tool without the backlink analysis. Can even do basis competitor analysis of what it ranking. Powerful tool and a LOT more than just a keyword tool!.
nathaniell Premium
Yeah, I'm just talking averages. Some will have more, some less, some none!

I'm also in the same camp as you, in that I see each post as an opportunity to bring someone new to the site. You're building new entrance points with each article published.
DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks for the reply :-)