Staggering My Work For Unfocused Productivity

Last Update: March 31, 2020

One of the advantages of working from home is that you get to work in your own style. For example, I tend to work in "chunks" of time, and spread out my projects much longer than they need to be.

Is this a good example to follow? Absolutlely not. But it works for me!

For example, I'll work on something in the morning, then something else in the afternoon, then something else in the evening. I could probably finish the project in a couple days if I really honed in on one task, but my mind wanders quite easily, so I'll take a week or two to finish it.

(The key is here is that I do actually finish it!)

A good example was my main projects for January and February 2020.

1. Start A New Website (Outsource)

I started a brand new website in January, and it will be 100% outsourced. I don't have any time at all, not even to edit, so this will be a big experiment in task management for me. So far, I've got a couple page 1 rankings, which is a really good sign!

Most rankings are much lower, so this is not an "amazing" case study, but at least I can see some rankings start to develop. Good enough for me!

If I were to start a website, I could probably have the whole thing managed and outsourced within a couple days, but of course I stretched this task out over the course of a month.

2. Offload Editing Tasks To A "Full Time" Editor

Though I always recommend people focus on just one website, I rarely follow my own advice. I have multiple projects that I balance, and I do none of them as well as I could if I just focused on one thing.

Do as I say, not as I do, right?! LOL

Anyway, things were starting to get out of hand, and I was feeling stressed. I was pulling myself in too many directions, writing content for one site, then editing content for another, and so on. I wasn't focused enough on one thing. I was scatterbrained!

So I decided to hire an editor for ALL of my side projects, so I could focus on just one website.

That involved taking notes of all my daily activities, and giving detailed instructions on how to do each task. This is harder than you think, because there are lots of "exceptions" to each rule!

Rather than sit down and record all my daily tasks, I'd just take notes as I did things, to get a big picture of what I do over the course of a couple weeks.

3. Build A Fence

I had been meaning to build a fence for many months, and finally pulled the trigger on it. The trouble was, my backyard faces an alley way, and there's a bit of foot traffic that walks by. It's 120 feet of fence line I had to build, including tearing it down, setting posts, and then building the fence.

There's no way I could do it in a day, and I didn't want to leave my back yard open over night, especially for multiple nights!

So I built the fence in sections. I'd tear down 20 feet, build that section, then do the next section a few days later.

Original Fence

First Section Built!

Done For The Day. I'll Finish The Rest Next Week

Almost Done!

2 Months Later, All Done!

What's The Lesson In All Of This?

There's no magic formula for productivity and success. Everyone has their own method of making websites, building a business, and generally getting stuff done. This kind of unfocused "batching" of my work is just how I work.

I would love to report to you that I have a great productivity hack to supercharge your day and get more stuff done. I don't. I'm not a great example to follow. I guess I just focus on actually completing a task and not letting things slide, even if it takes me 10x longer than one of those productivity gurus.

Do what works for you! Find a schedule and work ethic that works for your life and your goals. There's no single method that works for everyone.

PS. I found this gem I wrote back in 2016. If you think you're "late to the game" in 2020 and it's too late to build your affiliate business, you're wrong! 2020 is a great time to start, restart, or double down on your affiliate business.

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Jjamminjim1 Premium
Great, around my house I have a foreman my wife, she will lay out what we agree on doing in a weekend. Them she will step back and let me run with it. This is the way she makes me see were we are going and what she wants me to get it done in a week end. I am not a focus on one thing kind of guy. That makes it hard for me to do WA. While sitting here now I have 10 things to try and make some kind of progress on to day. As you can see too many irons in the fire. This also makes my work crazy. I am a handyman with to much work on my hands. Anyway at least I know at WA is where I need to be. Thank You
CMKetay Premium
Nice job on the fence. Please come do mine! It's much shorter!! I tend to do my projects the same way - mostly because I view my life in project format rather than a single list of things to do. It works for me as well. Thanks for sharing!! Christine
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Christine, this is so cool!
I approach life the same way also.

My planning is in blocks and projects and I allocate my time as such.

Nice similarity.

I really like Nathaniell.
He is the reason I am at WA.

Hope all is good with you.

Be safe. Be well.
42Louise Premium
Ha ha ha ha...great photos, especially the one where you're crossing your arms. You look like you're in a dance off. Brilliant.

You're so authentic Nathaniell, I can see why you are successful in this business.

Inspiring post.

I wish 🧞‍♂️ you continued success.

nathaniell Premium Plus
You too Louise! Keep up the good work!
cookins25 Premium
Thanks for this great advice Nathaniell. It's kind of reassuring knowing that even the top affiliate marketers on this platform have trouble being productive from time to time.

This is one thing I am currently in the process of finding is a schedule I like and sticking with it to help me stay more focused and get more done. :)

Also nice job on the fence it looks great. :)
LenkaSophie Premium
Excellent advice, Nathaniell. I also work in my own way and I'm not the most productive person but I know if I set a goal of writing one article a day, I would only stress myself. But if I write 2 to 3 articles a week, it's ok.
Btw, the face looks great, you are good to do it on your own!