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Last Update: December 09, 2020

The question of "how many successful people WA produces" comes up from time to time, so I wanted to write a quick blog post with my thoughts on the subject. This topic came to mind because I had a mind-blowing week behind the scenes.

OK, maybe not mind-blowing. But it certainly was very positive, and the bummer was that no one else saw it but me!

I actually received 5 separate private messages from referrals of mine asking for help on their websites. That's not out of the ordinary actually - I usually get a lot more than that. The extraordinary thing about these messages was that they were all starting to make money from their websites and were asking how to optimize and grow their sites to make more.

Here's an example (updated from 2020):

This guy quietly worked for three years on his websites and now can quit his job. I actually had never directly communicated with him before that, so it's awesome he was self motivated and consistent in his efforts.

Sometimes I get these messages from people who have been here for just a few months and are seeing their first traffic come in. Some have been here for almost a year and are starting to see sales or even making $1000's in income.. They were all in different niches.

So this made me wonder...how many other folks are getting results and making money?

The answer is, probably a lot more than we hear about.

==> Example of someone making money, who doesn't like to share their website: The Perfect Website For You To Study (There's absolutely nothing wrong with that! Just wanted to show you that not everyone likes to show off their successes for different reasons)

Of course, there's no real way for me to count how many successes there are in WA, same as there's no way to count how many people drop out. But it just made me consider that if someone can go radio-silent for five months, then out of the blue come out and say, "Yeah, I've been making a few hundred a month for a while now. How do I grow past that"...it's amazing!

Some people do blog about their first sale, and some people do post updates with their income or other awesome results they're getting. I like to collect these stories to remind myself, and others, of what's happening here in the community. So take a look at these stories below, and imagine how many more are happening quietly behind the scenes.

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2019 List: 2019 Income Proof List

2020: I stopped counting successes just because I'm busy doing other things but you pretty much get the point. I'm still here, still mentoring, and people are still seeing results. I'm ready for 2021!

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Brilliant , just love the stories of success, it is so motivating.
JudeP Premium
Very motivating :)
PjGermain Premium
Outstanding Nathaniell!!!! I want to grow up and be like you one day!!!

Awesome, bro. Truly! You're changing people's lives!
RoopeshG Premium
Hopefully one day you can add my story to your collection.
mjdimarco Premium
Thank you for this inspiring blog.