Interesting Niche Ideas I Wish I Could Use!

Last Update: December 07, 2015

For the past few months I've just been collecting some ideas I've run across that might make interesting niche websites. These are basically ideas I wish I had time to develop into authority websites, but I'm getting to the point where I just can't add any more work to my plate. So, please take a look at these and see if any ideas will work for you, or inspire a new idea of your own!

I've included a few details for each as to why I think they're worth sharing.

Color-Specific Kitchen Appliances/Accessories

When someone wants to redesign or upgrade a kitchen, matching appliances can be very important. Having all stainless steel or all black is pretty common, but once you get into specific colors, it can get pretty hard to find everything you want. Imagine trying to find a blue-steel toaster to match your blue-steel kettle and dutch oven!

Having a resource where people can color match appliances would be very helpful. There's lots of high ticket items here as well like fridges, ovens, stand up mixers, and high end cutlery.

Salt Slab Cooking

This is a specific way of cooking meats and vegetables that requires owning a large slab of salt. The good thing about this niche is that the people who are into it, are really passionate about it. There are supposed to be all kinds of health benefits to using himalayan salt.

This niche allows for expansion into all sorts of other hippie-health topics like Bulletproof coffee, detoxing, paleo, or gluten free diets, as well as cooking related topics like grilling, cooking meats, and lesser-known cooking equipment.

Exotic Meats

Meat is more than just cows, pigs, and chickens! You can actually order all kinds of weird things online like ostrich mean, bison meat, shark meat and of course some more familiar things like veal, deer, or other game meat.

There are even "meat of the month" clubs you can join. This all fits into the manosphere o hunting, grilling, and exotic foods. You could probably relate it to the paleo diet as well, which is trendy right now.

[Religion] Dating

Most dating sites you find online have an affiliate program you can join, and dating/love/marriage is an evergreen topic that will always make money online. One way to get more specific in your niche of "love" is to talk about dating people of a certain religion.

Religion is extremely important to some people as far as a dating partner goes. I know for a fact there are Jewish, Mormon, and Christian dating sites, so there are probably other ones as well. Atheist dating? Agnostic dating?

There is an endless amount of things to write about here, which can be repeated across any religion. For example, "10 Awesome First Dates For Getting To Know [Religion] Women/Men. so if you are part of a certain religion and want to help others find a partner, this is a good niche to get into.

Your Favorite Color

This is a weird one! I actually found a website dedicated to the color teal (or Tiffany). I couldn't believe it, but after doing some research, it definitely had plenty of traffic. She was promoting home decor and fashion related products.

This is just proof that any passion can be a niche!

Build Your Own Chicken Coop

I actually started a website about this a while back, but never followed through with it. There are chicken coop plans sold on Clickbank that you can promote, and there's an endless amount of things to say about raising chickens.

"Backyard farming" or "Urban farming" is pretty popular, especially among the local movement and preppers, so you could tie chicken coops to a number of broader topics. Even just having a love for chickens (they are pretty cute!) would be interesting.


Have you seen how many zombie movies have come out recently? Now they have zombie runs and other events where you can dress up like zombies and chase people around. There are definitely some crazies out there prepping for the zombie apocalypse, as well as some folks that just have fun with it.

Funeral Service Planning

Picking a casket, the right flowers, and planning a funeral in general is tough for anyone, especially if this is your first time. There is an excellent opportunity to help people. Funerals are weird because you need to entertain a group of people because someone close to you died. It's not a fun time.

Having a reliable resource to help you pick appropriate products and services as well as generally plan the event is important. I think this is a truly unexplored niche that someone with a passion for helping could really do well in.

Piano Restoration

I really don't know much about this one except that I have a feeling this service is expensive! Tuning and restoring a piano is a specialized skill. This would probably works as a local business website as well.

Make Your Own Dubstep

Drum beats were a big deal back in the early days of internet marketing. Now all the kids are into dubstep (It's a kind of music for those that don't know). Making dubstep requires software, a computer, or some DJ hardware.

The phrase "make your own dubstep" has 1019 searches and 151 competition, and there are tons of other low competition keywords related to it. This is an interesting niche to me because I don't think a lot of marketers will take the time to learn about this type of music, and I think a lot of dubstep creators won't take the time to learn how to monetize their passion outside of DJing gigs.

Wireless outdoor speakers

3457 Searches and 194 Competition! That's a pretty sweet set of stats. There's all kind of cool ways you could develop an authority site promoting wireless outdoor speakers from party planning, to home improvement, or for any type of audiophile website.

Sugar Detox

This is just one way to narrow down the health niche. You could include recipes & health benefits, as well as your own personal journey to a sugar free lifestyle. A YouTube channel would be great to supplement your website here. This could be related to lifestyle transformation or weight loss if you want. I know there are at least a few Clickbank products related to sugar detox that you could choose to promote.

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Kaitly Premium
Great niches - made me smile :) Dubstep - I teach kids how to create it, but hadn't thought of EDM genres for niche sites - was thinking of a niche site on MIDI controllers - still thinking ... -K
dj-drea Premium
you teach kids how to create dubstep? I wanted to get my kids into it, but I need recommendations on equipment, I want something that isn't too expensive, is easy to use and can be added to if my kids really like it. (Sounds like a great niche website).
dj-drea Premium
maybe you could PM me some equipment recommendations :)
ReneMichael Premium
Haha, it's amazing what people are looking for on the world wide web :D Thanks for sharing some great idea's, that diffently makes one think out of the box, in search for new unexploided niches! :)
AlejandraB Premium
All those niches sounds interesting, this blog will help us to know, there's always someone looking for something, thanks for sharing
houstoer Premium
Good Stuff Sir. Thanks for posting ! I like the sugar detox one since I went through it about a year ago.
AlexSol Premium
Dude, some amazing ideas you just posted! Some of them made me giggle a little though!

Now I hope some of the people who can't seem to "find" a niche end up reading this post. Some of these niches could be turned into very successful businesses.
nathaniell Premium
There's definitely some weird stuff out there, but hey, I'm not judging! lol