Engaging In Wealthy Affiliate Leads To Results (Long Term)

Last Update: March 23, 2020

It's very interesting to think back on the advice I received when I first arrived at Wealthy Affiliate and how it shaped my journey to becoming a full time affiliate marketer. One simple piece of advice I read was to "write like a maniac" (without a filter), then just go edit later. That really helped me pump my daily word count and get traffic to my websites.

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Another bits of advice I received back in the day was that Wealthy Affiliate members who particpate in the community see better results. I don't know who told me this, but it really stuck with me and although I'm naturally not a very social person, I made an effort to comment on blog posts, and ask questions when I had an issue.

Before long, this was a habit.

Even if I felt like the questions were stupid, or I was afraid I was wasting other people's time, I still posted them. After a while, instead of posting questions, I was posting advice.

Why Community Engagement Leads To Results

There are tons of members here who do not participate, and still see results. I get to chat to these folks about their websites via Private Message all the time. Not being active in Wealthy Affiliate doesn't mean you're not going to be successful!

However, for a lot of folks like myself who have to stumble through things a couple times before the concept "clicks", having a network of friends to rely on can make a huge difference in MORALE. I honestly think that at leaset 50% of success with affiliate websites is due to mindset and being able to push through frustrating moments in your business.

There's been more than a few moments where I was ready to throw in the towel but when I reached out, someone was available to help me.

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Right when I got back from Vegas, I posted about how you can meet lots of awesome people here and that those relationships can have a long term effect on your business. It's true. While you may not form those relationships right off the bat, wait 5-10 years and you never know.

Here's a live action shot of long-time member Vitaliy chilling in my backyard just a month ago, all the way from NYC. Boy, those were the days when we were allowed to leave the house! LOL. There's nothing like talking shop over a couple of beers and a cigar with a fire pit in the back drop!

Which WA Members Will End Up In Your Backyard In 10 Years?

No matter where you are in your journey to creating online income, there's always room to grow. Even if you start making $100,000 per year, what about half a million? What about a million? Your peers and mentors here can help you get there.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is simply the best one online. The most supportive. The most engaged. It's the best place to be long term if you want to build and grow an affiliate website.

If you stick around, go through the training, and take action building your webiste, you will reach your goals and beyond. And who knows, you may have a couple of WA members show up for a backyard barbecque in a couple of years!

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islandguy Premium
I can definitely see how being involved on the site can lead to success and more importantly some great life long relationships. I spend time on my affiliate sites but I may be a bit too far left here, too much time on sites not enough here on the WA site interacting with members
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Nathaniel,

Simply awesome! Thank for the great advice given! You have to hang out with the people that have the lifestyle that you desire for yourself.

Eventually you will begin to do the things that they are doing and in time your lifestyle will be similar to their. You life will be influenced by the people you hang out with.

So, yes hanging out with like-minded people here at WA can led to great results. Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
CordeliaN Premium
Just great, simply great,
I liked the picture, it gave perspective and a real sense of accomplishment, it also gave a great ending to your blog, “which WA member end up in your backyard in 10 years time”?

I really liked the advice you were given.....the “write like a maniac”.....sound advice and one which I should heed.
It’s no wonder you are a successful affiliate marketeer.

I enjoy your posts keep them coming...👍
MattLin Premium
The best advice about my website today: "Write like a maniac(without a filter), then just go edit later." I will try to do this as much as possible.

I experienced the same about being social with other WA members here because I overthink much like "what if I post a question and there will no members answer?" or "what if other members laugh at my questions?'

But, those didn't happen. Eventually, I am just overreacting...People at WA are helpful and friendly, and I find out there is more traffic to my websites once I reach out to people about my questions here.

42Louise Premium
Another Wonder Filled blog post that I really appreciate, thank you Nathaniell.

I smiled when I read write like a 😝 maniac, because I have been!

And for me, you are absolutely right. Mindset is key. WA guys and gals are incredibly helpful and sincere. Information, support and inspiration is SO important.

I have made it a habit to engage on here. This is not a thing I would normally do. But I am so glad I do as I get to read great blogs and just interact with people doing what I'm doing.

I'm NOT going to throw in the towel. I WILL throw down the gauntlet! And accept the challenge that is : being a successful Wealthy Affiliate.

Here here! 👏👏👏