Don't Be Afraid To Risk Earnings For Gains: MediaVine Test

Last Update: May 24, 2017

I recently made a change to one of my websites which risked some money. I was hesitant to make the change because I felt it wasn't going to work, but so far, the results have been amazing, so I'm glad I made the change.

The thing I have to tell myself is that I can risk losing $1,000 for a chance to earn $10,000 consistently. If I lose the $1k, then that's a $1k lesson to learn. If I end up making the consistent $10k, then I gained much more.

In other words, the rewards outweigh the risk.

So what was the change?

I switched from having Ezoic handle my display ads to a company called MediaVine. MediaVine is similar to Adsense, Ezoic, and these other "ad companies". Recently, I've been learning a lot about these and there are a lot of options out there!

Full List Of Adsense Alternatives ==>

My website was making about $7 per day in display ad revenue. Not much, but that's still $200 per month, and the revenue was growing (slowly).

After reading about MediaVine, I started investigating switching and got the process started. Then I went to Peru, and when I came back, I hesitated....

Should I really remove all my Ezoic ads after making so much improvement over the past year? What if I have to start over?

Still, I made the switch over.

  • First day: $7
  • Second day: $10
  • Third day: $12

In just 3 days I almost doubled the daily earnings for that websites ads.

$300 per month plus the $1,000 per month Amazon earnings brings the site's earnings to about $1300 per month, which is much better than the $0 earnings from last year!

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NatNiches Premium
Sounds good - thanks for the info with that, I think it'd be helpful to a lot of people who are wanting an alternative to Adsense.
ajones64 Premium
It looks like it was a gusty and a good move for you. A business mind always prevails even when it seems like it will not happen.
SondraM Premium
Did you have to start out a campaign that cost $1,000? Were you locked into a contract or could you have gotten out had it not worked?

It wasn't really clear, but is the income you are getting right now cover the ad campaign cost?

It certainly sounds like something worth looking into. Congrats on the improvements you have made.
nathaniell Premium
They are not paid ads like Adwords. I mean Adsense, which pays you.

Yes, I am currently locked in a 90 day contract with MediaVine. But even then, risking 3 months of earnings was worth it since I would potentially be sacrificing only about $100/month if everything went badly.
SondraM Premium
Thanks! It is nice when read about other people's results without having to spent the money ourself. It sounds like it is working out really well.
Emeolu Premium
Good piece of information.
Defiant6 Premium
Wow that is amazing news and it just goes to show you that if you take risks and are willing to learn new things, you can definitely get nice rewards!