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Last Update: August 04, 2016

So I've been using the WA comment system heavily for a couple weeks now and wanted to share a result with you guys. Here's how I used to rank for a post about making money with essential oils:

Despite being a low competition phrase and a great post I wrote, it just never made it to page 1 for this term. I didn't match the exact keyword because grammar wouldn't allow it, but I still wanted to target the keyword "make money essential oils".

The name of the post was "How To Make Money With Essential Oils Online"

You can see my keyword was within "Make Money With Essential Oils"

After getting about 20 comments and responding to them most over the course of two weeks, here's my new ranking (page 1, spot 2):

So adding content to your page through comments really does work! Of course, that's not all I did. I continued to use internal linking on my site to link back to this page as well. It may seem like a minor thing, but that really works too.

One of the main points I want to make is that you really can rank for keywords you want only using on-page SEO techniques. I do not do any type of backlinking for this site, same as Kyle recommends:

But keep in mind that comments are not a magic bullet! They won't help you rank low-quality content. My page is 3000 words long. The searches for this keyword is only 32, and QSR is only 16. I just wanted to rank for it because I believe that people will search this term and other related terms. It's a hot niche!

The comment sharing system here inside WA is an awesome perk of hosting here. It helps jumpstart engagement, improve rank, and boost SEO.

Good luck with your sites this weekend guys. Keep up the good word.

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RickElm Premium
I have just started to use the request comments section here at WA more in the last week and can't wait to see if it helps rank my site higher on Google. Thanks for sharing this post Nathaniell :)

PS: Follow me back as I would love to have you as part of my network of WA members who provide quality posts to help with my learning and growth here
Marcus1978 Premium
This is definitely something I have found too. My new mini niche site's rankings have been increasing while I have been steadily getting comments using the SiteComments tool.

My only reservation about the SiteComments tool is that it may eventually go the same way as backlinks. It seems that comments are now as effectice for rankings as backlinks were several years ago.

How long before Google does an algorithm update that targets fake comments?
StefanC Premium
Hi Marcus, the thing is WA's comments are not fake. They are still unique content written by real people and it benefits Google and users somehow. Besides, I think there is no way Google can discover the true intentions of individual comments.

What do Kyle and Carson think about it?
Marcus1978 Premium
Good point. It just depends on whether they spot that it's the same group of people all commenting on each other's sites. I don't know whether they all come from the same IP address.
StefanC Premium
That's true, if we are the same IP, but I don't think so... Well, if there are any risks I think Kyle would have considered this because its a massive risk for the business. I will contact them
Marcus1978 Premium
sjenkinsjr Premium
Thank you this helps alot... I have been falling behind a little bit due to stress and trying to make difficult life decision but I hope to get back in full swing. Work on putting in more comments on other members sites and hopefully get some more engagement on my sites(s).
Noteboom Premium
Thank you for this. Your articles are always interesting (I would like if that was possible to mark articles from some WA as red in the emails because from some selected members I don´t miss articles!).
One question. You say it´s 3000 word article, is it a pillow article? Just wondering if it is because I have think about it and start using it so I just want to ask; a) do you use pillow, b) if so, how many? on each site.
SZev Premium
Great tactic. I see that you built your post essentially as a sales landing page with no navigation or banners. Something for me to keep in mind too.

Nathaniell, now that you're writing more non-scam type of posts, do you see these converting as well/less well/about the same as your scam type posts? Very curious what you have to say.

Thank you!