But Content Takes A Long Time To Write!

Last Update: May 02, 2016

Just going through my PMs from the weekend, and I got more than a few about "how to write content faster". I have a few quick thoughts I want to share on this!

1. Spinners, Curators, Auto-Content

Stay far away from any type of content software! Auto-creating content, even if you rewrite it, is a bad idea. I've personally used these softwares before, and seen articles rank, then disappear after an update. It's not worth your time and money.

What's worse, is that taking other people's content, even if you rewrite it, is stealing and copyright infringement. Could I just rewrite Huckleberry Finn or The Heart of Darkness and call it an original work? Nope.

No matter what the advertising says, any type of automatic content is a bad idea in my opinion.

2. But It Takes A Long Time To Research!

Good! That means you're doing your job.

Your job as an online marketer is NOT to make money. It's to help people. If it takes a long time to research the topic, you are essentially saving someone else the time and energy of all that research! You are 'translating' 20 websites into one article, and making the information easy to understand.

Consolidating information is a huge part of how I consider my websites to be HELPFUL online. If your business is not helping someone, it's not going to make money for long (if at all).

Even something as simple as comparing similar products is helping someone make an educated buying decision!

3. It's A Long-Term Investment

Yes, the time it takes to write an excellent can be a pain in the butt, especially in the beginning. Sometimes it can take a full day, or even a week to write a fantastic article. But a great article will PAY DIVIDENDS over time.

That means it will continue to GIVE you rewards in the future. It make help create sales, or just bring traffic to your site that you can then funnel to money pages.

And it will do that for many years in the future!

A "quickie" article will have zero value in the future, or even COST you time in the future! I have way too many articles on my websites that I wrote in 1 hour or less that I look back at now and think, "wow, that looks horrible. I should fix that." If you have to go back and fix your previous mistakes, it's taking time away from your business!

So think of the time you're spending on research and blog post creation now, as an INVESTMENT in the future of your business!

Gain Momentum

In the beginning, you still haven't got much momentum. It can feel like your website is moving at a snail's pace. That's completely normal. But as you gain knowledge and expertise in your niche, you will start to move faster. It won't happen over night, but it will happen.

Those painfully slow first articles will start to speed up as you get more familiar with your topic. You'll have more to say, more opinions to write, and your articles will get longer too! You'll have previous topic to link back to, and more ideas will start to flow.

Don't be discouraged by slow progress in the beginning because the more time you dedicate to quality in the beginning, the more quality your momentum will have in the future. Quality will be natural. If you focus on speed in the beginning, you'll gain speed in the future for sure, but the quality might not be there!

Making website quickly doesn't mean you'll get sales from it!

Hope this helps, and I hope everyone has a productive week!

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JohnBochtis Premium
Great blog Nathan! I guess the growing speed of a website depends on many factors like the chosen niche, the audience and and the content itself. But how can I realize my mistakes and acknowledge what I am doing wrong?
MMarcus Premium
Thanks for another great piece of advice Nate. Appreciate it
Meekandlowly Premium
Thankvu my good man!
RobMob Premium
Great article! I am moving at a snails pace trying to condense multiple articles into one pose. Do I need to link to every source as well? If I'm taking about the benefits of a supplement, for example
paulwiekel Premium
Hi. It's always good ethical practice to reference every source but it's not as strict online as it is if you are writing for print.

You could reference the source but you don't need to put in a live link. it could be just be a text reference.

Be careful not to give out too many live links from your site. Not good for SEO. :)
RobMob Premium
Okay thanks! I think it's good for SEO if I link to reputable sources like wikipedia or pubmed etc. But having too many affiliate links ayayay not good hehe
amitM Premium
Great advice Nathan .
Handres Premium
Thank you. Very helpful indeed. I was thinking about this today.Right on Target
Aki1 Premium
I've felt like my website's moving at a frozen snail's pace at the moment. It's quite frustrating. But your post encouraged me to keep moving forward. Thanks, Nathaniell.
viyee Premium
Great advice. Thank you very much Nathaniell.
scottyb2good Premium
I asked a question as to my 2 month old website but I think you just answered it here.....................Scotty B ♫
Almunozjr79 Premium
Great article. I am starting to see what they mean by having to research your niche in order for you to produce quality blogs. Keep those nuggets of wisdom coming. A newbie such as myself can learn a lot from those that have been there. Thanks again.
Smuyeji Premium
Good advice for sure. Thank you so much for sharing!
landman Premium
Great reading. Very helpful just like all your stuff. Bobby
Megastar Premium
Great advice Nathaniell. Very genuine points points put across to us. Thank you.
Greg967 Premium
Thanks for bringing me on the right track Nathaniell.
CraigUKTV Premium
Hi Nathaniell,

I have started a niche in TV and VPN services for UK expats. So far I have 5 pages and 8 posts. I know I am just starting out but how many posts would you typically expect in one niche site?

I know this might become clearer as I continue with WA training but I'm curious to see what you think...

- Craig.
peter65 Premium
Thanks for the enlightenment, quite informative. All the best, God bless you.
Eddie3 Premium
Thank you for this post:)
MelanieW Premium
Hey Nathaniell, Thanks for this interesting article.
litcandle7 Premium
Thank you for your thorough & truthful perspective Nathaniel!
lenead Premium
Thanks...very helpful information!
FHagstrom Premium
This is a great read. Thank you
PaulBoudreau Premium
Great way to look at it Nathaniell ... quality over quantity !
jofa Premium
Thanks for the write up.
ann2016 Premium
Thanks for this wonderful post.
Lucianje Premium
thanks for this post because building the content is kind of putting me off.
rodeves Premium
Thank you for a very helpful blog. One can easily get discouraged but your blog does put things into perspective. Thanks again.
kymmie99 Premium
Thanks for this post. I needed to read this now as I feel like I'm moving at a snail's pace! However, snails, still move.... so I appreciate your comments. :)
Amanda914 Premium
Thanks for another great post about content-writing, Nathaniell. I have bookmarked it.
RogerHumbke Premium
Hi Nathan, Your article is sure helping me to change my attitude about how soon I have to create a website. Quality is #1 and number 2 will be the persistence to gain the skills and stay with it until it does take off.

Can you tell me how you have determined this article written a year ago has now resulted in $300 to $400 per month in income? Is it because of direct sales of the blog or traffic to your site that you monetize somehow?

No matter - I will still follow your advice about quality, but it would help motivate me to know why I can expect that monthly revenue if I do reach your level of quality in on of my blogs.
rodeves Premium
Great question. I think it's all about writing great content and ensuring that you are getting traffic to your site. I will also wait to hear what Nathaniel says. All the best!
LLiu Premium
Very good post! You really said what we as writers need to know and to think about when writing. :)
Thank you for reminding us of the little but important things in writing! Your expertise is very much appreciated!
Again thanks,
DavePage Premium
Excellent post, and as I've only been here a few weeks, I'm experience exactly this. I have a fulltime job in IT recruitment, which is non stop, including through lunch but since being on WA I've spent the odd (or not very odd) hour researching ideas for articles.
I very often struggle to come up with anything of 300+ words, however, what I do is park this articles as drafts to expand on later as I've read here that I need to produce content of 500+ words and to really be "top notch" I need to produce 1500+ words.
I know I that as I become more proficient at this in the coming months, my content will be better but putting a few paragraphs together over a period of a few days will add up to something of quality.
The best thing for me is that I'm brimming with ideas, I just need to organise them
Ericabried Premium
Very sound advice - I love it. It is hard work to write a really good post but I believe you reap the benefit in the long run.
TommyK Premium
That is what I call sound advice Nathaniel, thanks.
marianetlife Premium
Great writing and just what I needed!! :)
ArleenWright Premium
Thanks for the Golden Nugget of knowledge... You have no idea how much reading this article has helped me tonight my friend...!
Arleen Wright
Smile ;)...!
EricBray Premium
Thanks Nathaniel. Needed to read that.
RogerHumbke Premium
Great advice. I love the research phase so much I stay there most of the time.
Reelika Premium
Thank you for sharing this, Just what I needed to hear right now ;)
DeniseOlsen5 Premium
Yea, the research part can be a pain in the butt, but it is an important part of writing a post! I am finding it is still a little bit of a struggle, but it is getting better.
Yogain Premium
Thanks, Nathaniel. It motivates me to keep up with better work.
HowardJaros Premium
Nice post Sir! Shows a lot of maturity!!
HeatherGrace Premium
Love this! Just the motivation I needed today!
djzip2 Premium
Great perspective. I'm 2 weeks in and not burnt out, but it's nice to know that people have experienced a slow down period where you may feel exhausted and want to quit, but have the support here to help people get over the hump
litcandle7 Premium
Nice wise article Nathaniel.
mjdimarco Premium
Mark1957 Premium
Excellent information Nathaniell, no wonder you have made a great job of becoming a pro blogger.
Anh Premium
Thanks Nathaniell.

This is a question I've been pondering for a while as well because I take very long to write an article, publishing one a week is already a lot of work.

But after reading this I realize it's good to concentrate on content and even if it may take more time for me to experiment with SEO and gaining exposure, I always want to make the best kind of content.

BoldChanges Premium
I agree. I am still fairly new, but when I go back and look at my early work, I also think, some day I need to find the time to go back and fix that. I know when going through the bootcamp, I felt pushed to create stuff fast, I mean you have to create several pages and your first couple of blog posts almost immediately. So, I went through the bootcamp slower than some, but i think still not as slow as I should have. Putting the time in early on when creating your site can indeed make all the difference. Thanks so much for sharing this and giving me pause to reflect on my own work.
egonsarv Premium
Thank you Nathaniell. I was wondering what magic you are going to offer but you pressed the right buttons. I think exactly the same way.

But, there are things that confuse me.

Like, there are all kinds of tools that check your site and tell you have zillion errors that you have to fix asap.

404 errors, site speed too slow, duplicate content, etc., etc.

And guess what? I have a huge list of things I should do and I have NO idea how to solve them.

And then, this is what I think - Should I focus on writing content or should I try to fix my site at the first place.

Just today one of those tools let me know that my site has 15% duplicate content and I think like - hey, I want to create content.

What do you recommend?
TheCatherine Premium
My advice carry on with your site additional content will fix a ton of things anyway
Ivine Premium
Hi Nathaniell, Yes, I fully agree with you. Irv.
joyweb Premium
good content.
DELJAR Premium
Thank you, Nathaniell, for providing us with great insightful information regarding content creation. It's good to know that I'm doing the right thing by not rushing on my content. It's better to do a lot of research before I write my content considering that my content is current and not out of date. :)
jphe Premium
thank you for sharing
KatieMac Premium
Great insights Nathaniell so very true life really does not have shortcuts, and as you say it may take longer however it helps us grow a bit like learning to drive seems so much to master then one day you get in and you just drive
Kaciesmama Premium
I love the researching as well as the writing
JewelCarol Premium
Excellent advice, Nathaniel, thanks very much. I tend to get writer's block when I stopped to write for a period of time and I will feel lazy or sluggish. :(
RayAleksandr Premium
It helps a lot Nathaniell, thank you. I get irritated by myself for writing so slow. Spend a whole day (or more) researching a product and feel exhausted, often wonder if I'm doing right or wrong. Thanks for such an encouraging post.
NORZ Premium
Thanks Nathaniell. After 6 months I'm starting to pick up the pace.
RobinTheresa Premium
Thank you Nathaniell for the words of wisdom. Wonderful advice. I do find myself getting a little discouraged sometimes about the length of time it takes me to write or the research I must do to get me inspired. Next time I am feeling discouraged I will remember this blog. Robin
beata029444 Premium
Thanks very much Nathaniel. You are absolutely right I need to do my homework and gather important ideas before I start writing an article!!! No software or spinner will help me to do it!! Thanks in particular for your advice to help me making a wise decision not to purchase expensive software and save a lot of money!!
dj-drea Premium
thanks for the thorough advice on this topic :)
LyndiM Premium
Thanks, this is good advice.
johnhevans Premium
Great insight. Thanks for sharing.
SJB Premium
This is a great post filled with awesome advice! Thanks!
Mike-Writes Premium
Excellent advice, Nathaniell. Thanks for sharing.
GinaGo Premium
I really appreciate reading this. I wish I could write faster and publish more often. I hope by taking the time to write what I believe are thorough and researched posts, my little blog will become one of value. I have tried to just bang out posts, but I can't. Part of that is inexperience. I am writing to learn and learning to write. Thank you for the encouragement. ~Gina
Fareahu Premium
Thank you for sharing this. I haven't finish written my contents yet because I find it quite difficult to write something that would be different from what it's already online but I'm working on it although it's taking me a long time. Too long when I see how fast people create their website here. It scares me sometimes but I'm still here. Thanks again!
Funkydunc208 Premium
Great reminders, Nathaniell. This post should be used as a foundational read for all of us starting out in the online marketing world. I appreciate it.
TimMcKinlay Premium
"Your job as an online marketer is NOT to make money. It's to help people." Priceless advice.

An entrepreneur I've learned from over the years has a saying: "there's no limit to what you can give, but there is in what you can receive". That has stuck with me during my journey here at WA. All we need to do to succeed is help people and give them value in the best way we can. We can all learn more and give more value, it's just time and effort.

Thanks for posting dude :)
Rynsden Premium
Excellent advice.
Takatomo Premium
Great post as always Nathaniell,

Lately I am writing a little faster and can write more as far as the word count, compared to a couple of months ago, so I am happy about the progress.
aminkajtih Premium
english is not major , i'm not an english native either , i'm hiring free lancers and outsourcing the contents which pretty priced for me
TonyHamilton Premium
Thank You for sharing Nathaniell,

I am guilty of not doing enough research that is a for sure fact.

I do need to learn the skills of writing to create quality content for my readers so that they can benefit from what it is that I'm sharing.

I believe that I am getting better, I agree with what you say about a snail's pace and I look forward to learning quality while also speeding up my pace.

I see many well written posts that are upwards of 1,000 words and I for the most part struggle for 300.

Thank you Nathaniell for sharing this great advice with us all in the WA Community as it is priceless.

yessharon Premium
These are true words of wisdom. My first articles took me a very long time to write. But the more I practiced the easier and faster my articles were to write. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Keith10 Premium
Totally agree - however, at the beginning of the tutorials we are encouraged to bang out content and publish. I have resisted because I'm trying to develop a writing style I am comfortable with.

Also, a large number of members are blogging super rapid progress which has a deflating effect for the less gifted or more thorough members.
JeffL61 Premium
Excellent points Nat! What you emphasized is so true. Taking the time to truly perform one's due diligence through research would only lead to a more meaningful and educational final content article to be posted on the website.

They say that "haste makes waste". This can be translated to an individual rushing through to create a mediocre article that in the end serves no purpose or provides any value to the reader.
PLowrey Premium
Good points there Nat, taking time to get quality will always be the best
TJ Books Premium
Thanks, Nate! Too many articles are too short and too weak. John
Jinny1 Premium
Outline your idea, get your research in order...and write like you are speaking to a friend.....
dvilla410 Premium
I'm glad when someone posts what i'm thinking haha. I'm only 3 weeks in but i'm already seeing little doubts creep in my brain. The mountain to success looks like a longer and steeper climb by the day. I think this is where people really see what they're made of. Some quit, others see it through until this all becomes second nature. Anyway, thanks for this post. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some climbing to do.

Amanda914 Premium
Thanks for this informative and inspiring post, Nathaniell. Amanda
RogerHumbke Premium
This article is just what I needed. I feel I am moving too slowly in adding pages because I get stuck doing endless researching and note taking.
LWarren Premium
yes,thanks for this:content is what slowed me down before,maybe i could use a little help,again thx.LTW
nmarino7 Premium
Thank you for this article. It has been taking me a long time to research and write quality content and sometimes it can be discouraging. I do not want to be one of those hacks that just regurgitates other articles from my niche and not do real research. Reading books for my niche takes time, but is well worth the advantage I get in knowledge.
BrianHiker Premium
Thanks, Nathaniel. I sometimes see those "curation" programs and actually purchased one. The video search was no better than just looking on Youtube.
Haymanc75 Premium
Great advice as always Nathaniell! Thanks for sharing!
WillingToTry Premium
Thank you Nathaniel,

I didn't even know there was such thing as auto content!

I have always been something of a perfectionist when it comes to writing content, even though it does take some time.

BarbJaeb Premium
mergie1 Premium
Great advice and thanks for that. I too have been guilty from time to time of churning out articles too quickly.
DoubleTap Premium
Thank ya' Nathaniell... never get enough of your 'words of wisdom'! Headin' up your way before too long... hopin' all is well up there!
RoopeshG Premium
As Kyle said in the training, it takes time to build a skyscraper, you need to build a solid foundation.Putting together high quality content is part and parcel of that solid foundation....

As you said,take your time and do it right.
Thanks for this
Brooklyn2008 Premium
These were some amazing tips and thank you so much for sharing. My glad that I've read this in the early stages of my site and realize that; as much I would love to whip through and create a ton of posts to have it built out fast, it's better to put in the effort slowly and do the job right the first time.
Thanks nathaniell!!
Yattish Premium
Thanks for the tips and the article nathaniel. This is exactly what I've been looking for!
It puts things into a bit more perspective now...
TanyaCHA Premium
Well said Nathaniell. I cannot agree more with your words. Usually the posts I write for a while taking time and providing my readers all the answers they were looking for, are ranked on the 1st page of Google and stay like that for years as many readers write me comments there as well..It is like creating a master piece which let you
enjoy results forever..lol..
leoemery Premium
Whew that took a long time to read - LOL - great info as always nathaniell
NWTDennis Premium
Thanks for the reminder Nathaniell. Your insights on doing things the right way are really appreciated. Actually I enjoy doing the research for articles in my niche. I enjoy the writing as well ... the finished piece.

The time it takes to write a piece I'm satisfied with is a PITB, but I'm sticking with it one day at a time.
dianegailit Premium
Thanks for the tips! :-)
Suzanne-SB Premium
Thanks for writing this...I do like what you have to say and make sure I read it all.
I'm a slow writer but I am trying my hardest to concentrate on building a quality website and business.
paulgoodwin Premium
Hi Bryan and useful tips
Maestrob Premium
Thanks! Bryan
JMario Premium
Writing content on things you enjoy ease the pain
SZev Premium
Great stuff, thanks Nathaniell! Good to see I'm on the right track.
NanMarie Premium
Thanks Nathaniel. I was just thinking about how long it took me to write my WA Review. It seemed it took forever, but I am happy with the result. Also the more you take the time to write good content the easier it gets.
ValerieF Premium
Thank you for you're great advice!
jkhatri Premium
Great Thank you you very much
stevecox Premium
Excellent Advice Nathaniell, Thank you ! Steve
JudeP Premium
Great Nathaniell, thank you :)
goodsuccess Premium
Thanks, Nathniell. Yes, it takes time, patience and lots of research to write a well-written post or article. That is why it is important to choose a niche that YOU enjoy or have passion in. I too have been through the mill of programs, and short-cut software that is expensive and is overly-hyped out by goo-roos who only want your money.
BushiAntz Premium
I love the part where you said "Good! It means you are doing your job." I had a little chuckle at that.

I agree, as a marketer, your main job is to research the online world and help others by doing the research for them and making things easier on them.

I have been with WA for only 10 months and I am still in the beginning stages.

For those who are new and see this blog. Google do not care about who creates the most content the fastest. They care about who creates the most engaging content that people will benefit from.
feigner Premium
so is it better to have a few long article pages or fewer of these and more posts at the start? - the site looks a bit thin at the beginning. does it hurt your site if you have pages saying coming soon? to try to show you have a direction to go in?
can you start with a static front page and then when you have enough posts change to a blog roll?
many thanks