Are You Getting Enough Value Out Of Your Membership?

Last Update: December 28, 2014

I see hundreds of people join WA every day, and it constantly surprises me how many people forget the immense number of resources available to them in the members area.

Last week I made a blog post about member training within Wealthy Affiliate, which is a massive resource that gets overlooked! But there are many more things that seem to get swept under the rug, so I wanted to shed some light on them to help you improve your businesses for 2015.

If you EVER feel like you are not getting enough help or that you have "completed all the training", then you need to take a look again. There is more training here than one person could consume (and implement) in a year.

Classroom Tutorials

Did you know there are many older tutorials that are still extremely relevant and can help you branch out and grow your website in new ways?

My favorites for Classroom tutorials are Email Marketing and Pay Per Click Marketing. After I completed the courses in WA and had been running my first websites for about a year, I felt like I was stagnating. Adding an email marketing campaign to my existing websites showed me that I surely was NOT a hot-shot internet marketer and still had a lot to learn.

PPC can grow ANYONE's website if you have a budget for it.

Both of these types of marketing are not part of the regular WA course which focuses on search engine marketing and free traffic. If you aren't ready for these two types of marketing, that's OK. There are still tons of tutorials on more relevant topics like keyword research and Wordpress!

Another completely awesome set of tutorials to go through is the Authoring and Writing Content section. If you aren't making sales, it could be an issue with your writing! There are currently over 54 tutorials on how to write better content and convert your traffic to sales more efficiently, including this one I published last week on how to write a basic 500 word article.

Webinar Recordings

Jay has been recording weekly webinars for YEARS now. You could probably watch a 60 minute webinar every day in 2015 and not finish them all. If you haven't explored them as a way to expand your knowledge, then maybe set some goals for how many webinars you want to watch each week next year.

I spend a lot of time watching and re-watching webinars.

  • Sometimes it takes 2-3 times to really let information sink in
  • Sometimes you glaze over important information the first time around
  • Sometimes it's nice to watch easy stuff and realize that you DID learn something!

Live Chat

No other internet marketing website has this feature, and you should be using it more!

Where else can you get instant answers from people who have no incentive other than wanting to help?

I think the #1 reason people don't use live chat is that they are shy, or don't want to be a bother. HEY! You're paying for a membership here. Squeeze some value out of it. Be bothersome (but be polite, lol).

I was very shy when I joined WA and didn't want to bug the experts with my n00b questions. But then I realized that the "Experts" can decide when to help or not. If people are busy and don't answer you, that's just what they'll do. You can move on, ask in classrooms, or jump in chat a few hours later.

You'll make a lot more progress in your business if you develop a thicker skin.

Classroom Questions/Discussion

If you ever feel stuck and don't have time to hang out in live chat, or just want to "crowdsource" an answer, this is the place to go. I've seen more than 10 answers collect on question within just a few minutes. Sometimes it takes a day or two to get some traction, but all questions eventually get answered!

Specifically speaking to my referrals, did you know that I get notified each time you create a question in a classroom?

No, I haven't been stalking you! Because I follow you, I get an email notification when you ask something in classrooms. I do my best to answer ALL questions you guys ask, or at least double check that the answers you get are good ones.

My 2015 request for you guys is to ask more questions in classrooms. I'm very surprised at how few emails notifications I get compared to how many people are signing up. Come on guys...make me work for my commissions! LOL

*If you aren't my referral, please read the post I wrote about growing your network of friends in WA. Following people and having them follow you isn't just about being social. It's also about making sure your questions get exposure!

Looking Forward To 2015

There are sooooo many training resources here, and they are far superior to what you find anywhere else online. There are also multiple ways to get help from peers and pro.

Make sure you are using WA to it's full extent in the coming year. The cost of your membership is a fixed price. How much value you get out of it is a variable. Use the website 1x per month, and you are paying $47 for one login! Use the website everyday to ask a question and do some training, and you are now paying pennies to rub shoulders with truly successful internet marketers!

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Great information, so true! Hope the newer WA will see this, very helpful. Thanks!:)
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Good article. I think I have learned half from the training and half from other members. What a resource! Wishing you a successful New Year. Glyn.
Great advice!
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thanks for the reminder of all the resources that we have here at WA!

all the best in 2015!