Amazing Amazon Sales for Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Last Update: November 28, 2016

I haven't focused on Amazon until this year (2016). I figured I'd join the club and see how an Amazon Associates affiliate site would work out. It took about 3 months to make the first sale, and then beyond that, I grew a bit, but was only earning about $100 per month.

What surprised me was how much those earnings grow during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

While I normally earn $100 - $200 per MONTH from Amazon, over the weekend those same links were earning $100 - $200 per DAY.

I don't think those earnings will last, of course, but it brings up an interesting point:

If you can earn 10x on BF/CM weekend, imagine if I was earning $1000 per month. Imagine if I was earning $10,000 per month.

That's a real incentive to build your site bigger and better for next year. I can't wait to work on my website today because I'm finally seeing some very nice results.

I hope your holiday weekend was fantastic and you grabbed the Black Friday deal at Wealthy Affiliate so we can work on our sites together next year.

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janmar Premium
Spectacular news!
PatLemy Premium
Thank you for sharing !

ArtByHeart Premium
Well done. I made 17GBP in 1 day from my website....12 people bought something. Amazon affiliate for 3 weeks :-)
Marcus1978 Premium
I wish my Amazon sites earned that much.
E4sycomp4ny Premium
Unbelievable! Congratulations. I have recently started using Amazon affiliate services without any luck, but I feel encouraged to know that it took you 3 months before even seeing a sale. I also realize that I need to get ranked high in the SE's to get traffic.