40x Your Website Earnings For A Million Dollar Payday

Last Update: November 09, 2019

I'm a big fan of drip-fed income. I'm talking about income that comes in every month from various sources. Build a website. Rank. Earn affiliate commissions. You know the deal.

I like the reliability, and I like that I can take a day off and not worry about whether or not I'll make money that day. I can take a week or a month off and I know my rankings, therefore earnings, won't drop.

This is the best part of affiliate marketing for me, and it was one of the main motivators while I was building my first couple of websites. I wanted to grow them from $1 per week, to $10 per day, to $1,000 per month, and beyond.

However, there's another way to make money with your affiliate webistes, and it's actually not talked about a lot here in Wealthy Affiliate.

You sell your website for a lot of money.

Usually, a website will sell for 20x-40x monthly earnings, with most falling somewhere between 24x and 36x.

That means a website earning just $1,000 per month could sell for $40,000!

Many of you are working on your first dollar, so a website earning $1000 seems out of reach. Keep in mind, IT GETS EASIER. As you perfect your skills as an affiliate marketer, you get to fast-forward all the beginner steps.

The first time around, it might take you about a month to get your website how you liked it (theme, menus, basic content). After building a couple sites, that process goes much faster. Nowadays, it takes me maybe a half day. That's incredible progress compared to ANY other type of business out there.

After that, instead of spinning your wheels with low-value blog posts while you practice writing, or using keywords that aren't very good, you'll be able to identify incredible keywords and map out a six month content strategy with the rest of your day.

You can set up a brand new business in a single day now.

It's very possible to be able to create a $1,000/month business every year. It's not just a pipedream. It's something anyone can do. Then, you could potentially sell each business and make $40k off of a single sale every single year.

In fact, if you start outsourcing, you could make multiple websites per year, and get a couple website sales going to scale your business further. How much money do you want to make? YOU get to decide!

What's Your Exit Plan?

Last year I sold a couple of my websites for $30,000 (link below). They were earning about $1000 per month. I was bored of the topic, and wanted to focus more on my newer websites, so I just wanted those webistes off my hands.

At the height of earnings however, they were earning about $12,000 per month. If I had sold those websites when they were at their peak, they would have sold for about $430,000. Wow. That's almost half a million dollars.

(Why did the earnings drop? Mistakes were made on my part. Not worth going into in this blog post)

One great strategy to think about is to grow your main website to earn a large amount of money, then cash out and sell it. Actually, "industry people" are expecting multiples to grow in the coming years as more and more people become aware of online business models.

It's pretty tough to buy a brick and mortar restaurant then figure out how to run it. It's pretty easy to buy a blog and figure out how to publish articles! That's why I think more and more people will gravitate towards online business in the future.

What does a $1,000,000 Exit Look Like?

Kyle recently wrote a blog post about the economics of making a million dollars per year. You'd need to make $83,000 per month to do it. That seems like a lot, but it's in the realm of possibility with affiliate websites.

What seems evern MORE possible is a million dollar exit from your website. Let's take a moderate 36x multiple for your website.

1,000,000/36 = $27,777

That means you can make a million dollars by creating a website that earns $28,000 per month.

That's just a thousand dollars a day. It's a lot of money for sure, but there are many WA members who have posted in the past about having $100, $500, or $1000+ days.

You might think that a thousand dollars a day seems unreasonably optimistic. But what if look out ten years down the road. $1,000 per day is VERY possible with a decade of experience in this business.

WA Members Selling Their Websites

I found as many examples as I could of Wealthy Affiliate members selling their websites. Sites to use to sell webistes include Empire Flippers, FEInternational, and Flippa.

Sold my first blog for $28,000 after 13 months

My First Website Sold For $38,479

9 Year Anniversary And A $30,000 Sale

I Sold a Website on Christmas Eve Day! THANK YOU, SANTA!

Just sold two sites for $9,000!

Website Sold For $30,000

Website Sold: $40,000

Sold My Movie Blog for $3000 on Flippa!

Here's a fun question! What's your "retirement" exit price?

I mean, if you could sell your website for a price, then retire, what would that be? $500,000? A million? 10 million?

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Linda103 Premium
Wow, that is certainly something to think about, thank you Nathaniel.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Definitely Linda. Have a great week!
Linda103 Premium
Thank you, you too. Keep posting, it's very inspiring.
accad Premium
Thanks for this post.
What if a website has no earnings but it's calculated by siteprice.org at 350 dollars. How many times it can be multiplied?
nathaniell Premium Plus
Those site pricing websites are not legitimate. The values of the websites are not true at all.
accad Premium
Can you mention a legit one for website evaluation tool?
nathaniell Premium Plus
You would need to go to a broker. Otherwise you can just sell your site on the open market on Flippa based on what you want to get for it.
accad Premium
Thank you.
ecomtom Premium
Excellent, encouraging information about selling websites. I think if I could sell my site or sites for half a mil, I could live off the income I would have from my dividend stocks, or DRIPs. I do enjoy, however, writing articles for my sites, so not sure I would want to give that up. There are a few other areas that I am interested in like sports that I would like to write about, so it is nice to know that I could sell once the income rises, if I so chose. Thanks for sharing, Tom
nathaniell Premium Plus
That's the interesting question! If you like writing for your site, what would you do when you retire from selling it?! I have the same problem :)
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So inspiring! Love the possibilities that we have here :)
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Thanks for reading Mary!
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A huge motivator, Nathaniel. Thanks for taking the time to post!!

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A million bucks is enough to motivate anyone :)