$12,000 For Christmas 2019 (+ Actionable Advice)

Last Update: December 28, 2020

Two years ago I wrote a post titled 3 Steps to $3,000 Extra: Christmas 2017. The concept was simple: write content using these three formats:

  • "Best of" lists
  • Product reviews
  • Keyword based content

Was it a fad? Did the success fade away after the hype? No.

Two years later, that income has grown to $12,000 for the holiday season.

How did I do it? How did I grow that income from $2k to $12k?

Same thing as always. I focus on writing content that gets found in Google.

This is exactly what Kyle teaches in the training. It's what Jay talks about during his weekly webinars. Stick to the training! Particpate in chat and live webinars. Take action every day.

Many people will look at a $12,000 month and think "Wow, I wish that was me." Well, it can be you. It took me 3 years to bring that site to that level of income. If you start now, you can have the same thing (or more) by 2022.

Roope had a great blog post about taking action, and I agree with him. The tools are here. People are seeing success. The opportunity to have a full time online business is literally right in front of you. You just have to take action to see results.

My #1 Piece Of Advice This Year

==> Set daily goals instead of yearly goals.

Lots of people will set goals like "I want to earn $10,000/month by the end of 2019. That's a great goal, but how are you going to get there?

On your journey to $10k a month, or whatever you goal is, it can feel like every day is a failure because you're not there yet. So set simple daily goals that will get you moving in the right direction.

Here are possible goals that are easy to achieve:

  • 1 hour per day inside Wealthy Affiliate, no matter what
  • Write and publish 1 article per week at any cost
  • Write out your keyword list for the next 30 days on the first of the month
  • Ask one question per week inside Classrooms
  • Watch Jay's webinar at least once per month
  • Complete 1-2 lessons per week

You don't have to do all of those! They're just ideas to show you how to map out your day, week, and month in order to help you achieve your yearly goals. Remember, you can always tweak things along the way to ramp up efforts, or tone things back if you start getting burnout.

Your Homework For This Week!

To set the tone for the rest of the year, I highly recommend you write down a few daily tasks you'd like to accomplish each day. See what you have time for. Set goals according to where you are in the training and your online entrepreneur journey.

Write them down on a sticky note or notepad and keep them close to your work area.

These tiny daily routines will get you closer and closer to your goals for 2019.

What are your daily goals?

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Blessedalso2 Premium
Hi Nathaniel,

Thanks for your inspiration, motivation and tangible encouragement! You are correct on so many levels and I want to follow your advice to the tee.

Starting with:
Minimum 1 hour in WA, then I will break my 2019 goals down to bite size reachable goals.

I will also incorporate the rest of your great possible goals!

All the best,

nathaniell Premium Plus
I like the one hour rule because it's simple to remember, and easy to do even with a busy schedule.
merlynmac Premium
Damn you! You caught me in my one true weakness, planning. Fine...I'll back up my annual goals with daily ones. Man you drive a hard bargain!

Thanks for the great post.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Haha. Gotta keep each other accountable :)
HarveyBrown Premium
I like you advise Nathaniel and I did enjoy Roope’s blog. There are two ways to establish goals that I know. The first is to set your annual or long term goal, then work backwards breaking it down into years if long, months, weeks and days. The other is how you have suggested, start with the month, break that into days and then tasks. Work that back up into the month and then the year. You should also build-in performance measuring indicators to show whether you achieved your goals or not. Both planning (you) and action (Roope) are crucial. Congratulations on your success.
nathaniell Premium Plus
You won't always hit your goals, but at least you're aiming for something, and can readjust along the way.

Thanks for reading Harvey!
HarveyBrown Premium
That is the thing people have to understand about goals they are not cast in concrete and can need to be flexible.
Debbi26 Premium Plus
These are EXCELLENT thoughts and that's why you get paid the "big bucks". lol You deserve it. You're consistent and make good use of your time. Keep it up.

SummarsPlace Premium
Right on target Nathaniel. Long term goals are great, but I agree with you. Establish some short term goals to get you there. Whether daily goals or weekly goals. Stay focused and physically attempt to reach those goals.

With all the wonderful people here at WA, is so possible. Thanks for the post! Great job! I will be following you, hope you follow me back.