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Last Update: May 18, 2016

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how good content simply takes a long time to write: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/nathaniell/blog/bu...

Yes, it can seem like a pain in the butt to do hours of research on top of hours of writing, only see your post sit on page 2 of Google. Ugh!

But many times the hard work pays off, and pays dividends!

For example, one post I wrote last year has finally started to gain some traction after stewing in page 2 of SERPS for a few months, then creeping to several good page 1 rankings. I rank for #1 for "item review" and #2 for "item". Yup. I'm right under the main website!

So now that post is paying me between $300 and $400 per month. Just one blog post!

Not every post you make will be a winner like this, but when they happen, it can serve as a real boost in motivation to keep working, and keep writing helpful content for your readers.

Keep up the good work, and I hope you guys have a productive week!

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JoyNelson Premium
Hey Nathaniell,

Curious, I have so many things I am passionate and I don't mean just a little passionate about them. I have so many that I just wrote a blog post about it asking for community help. Luckily for me, most of the things I am passionate about are trending topics with excellent related products.

Right after posting I was doing some research and came across your Wealthy Affiliate site so thought I would reach out and ask someone who has been around the affiliate block. I know how to work hard (I have been an entrepreneur my whole life) and focus but before I jump in I am trying to decide if I should focus on many small niche sites or one blog that becomes a trusted place to buy cool things.

Just for starters of course, as I build my income (I am attempting to replace my $2000-$5000 monthly coaching income). Wondering what you think. How did you start? One multi focused blog or a variety of small niche sites?

Thanks for your input and for sharing your journey with everyone here!

In community,

ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Nice, that's a pretty good chunk of change to have come in from one post. I guess you just have to keep putting quality content out there and eventually it will gain traction. Even if it doesn't it doesn't matter since you have other articles out there. Just one of many lines in the water so to speak.
Kipps Premium
Right now I am in pain writing a review I so wish to make it one of the best or a unique kind of review on the Internet. As a result I am suffering kind of agony, researching, reading pages after pages of other reviews, working out ideas, squeezing out my creativity out of my skull .... and this lead me to frustration, if not fully depressed. But reading this blog post of yours give me the needed energy and inspiration. And more importantly it gives me the reason for me to endure the pain now to reap the harvest of hapiness in the future. It released me from a seemingly painfully long agony.
Thanks Nathaniell for your continued inspirational blogs.

Keep up the good works!

wendyjane Premium
Thanks for sharing with everyone! It is always encouraging to know just how valuable any single post can be on your website. I have a post on my first site that earns about $100 per month alone. It isn't as impressive as this, but considering it has been up for 3 years that is $3,600!
Evacapri Premium
That is amazing! I have seen many people asking Nathaniell how he started earning income. Selling products, PPC, affiliate links? Could you please advise me on how your start started to earn money. Thank you in advance :)
OldMCSEGuy Premium
This has value. Great Job. 80% of our revenue comes from Paid Advertising and Consulting. I had lost faith in this Generic Traffic stuff. I was beginning to feel that we were too big for WA to be of use to us. You have restored my faith.

This is our first $20,000 month since 2012. Not from something we did but because a small city promoted us to many businesses as a Windows 10 Solution. Unfortunately, for us, this is a one-time windfall.

Obviously I am still hooked on reading WA Blogs.
Evacapri Premium
can you please explain how you are earning 20,000 a month? What are you selling? This is all very new to me and I am trying to learn everything I can. Thank you so much for any advice you are willing to give