The 2 Most Important Buttons In Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: November 09, 2021

Affiliate marketing can be tough, and it takes a while to get the hang of it. The industry is saturated with experts and bloggers who don’t offer enough help to newbies and experts alike.

It is also easy to get flustered with shiny object syndrome. With the myriad of new things to learn about, it's easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis.

In this blog post, I reveal the 2 most important buttons to making this affiliate marketing business work for you.

The more you press these buttons, the better chance you have at earning affiliate commissions, and getting paid. Focus on pressing these buttons as frequently as possible, and you'll reach success with affiliate marketing faster.

Button #1: "Publish"

The publish button means whenever you finally publish your blog posts, social media posts, or videos.

Everything up to pressing 'publish' is preliminary.

  • Selecting your niche
  • Building your website
  • Researching your keywords
  • Writing the content.

These things don't make you money in this business. Although performing these tasks properly can affect the magnitude of the money you make.

The bottom line is if you aren't pressing the publish button;

  • you aren't getting traffic
  • you aren't getting leads
  • you aren't getting sales

So make it a goal over this next year to press that 'publish' button as frequently as possible. Try to shorten how long it takes to complete the preliminary activities as much as possible.

Button #2: "Send"

The next most important button is the 'send' button. This is when you have captured blog subscribers and have an email list.

The benefits of having an email subscriber list are numerous. The most evident one is the ability to reach potential customers with personalized messages, instantly.

Building an email list can be an incredible benefit for you because if you maintain a good relationship with your subscribers, emailing them can be like printing money on demand.

The preliminary activities for hitting that send button are:

  • building a landing page and funnel pages
  • creating something to give away to new subscribers
  • setting up sign up forms
  • creating an email autoresponder series

Your Goal: Hit Those Buttons As Frequently As Possible

The bottom line is this: if you want to get results in this business, you have to put the preliminary activities behind you as quickly as possible and hit the 'publish' and 'send' buttons like your livelihood depends on it.

Either put in the work learning how to use WordPress or hire someone to get them done for you. There is a ton of training available on Wealthy Affiliate for how to do the preliminary activities yourself, or outsource them to a freelancer.

Yes, there is a ton of things for you to learn. That's why I and the Wealthy Affiliate community have your back. Shoot me a private message if you ever get stuck, or ask the community for help.

All The Best,

Nathan Conner

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IsabeloJ3 Premium
What a very interesting post you shared Nathan, thank you very much for the tips that you shared with us.
DivineGood Premium
Thank you so much, Nathan
for such important part of this
whole process which most tend
to forget and neglect.

Really appreciate your thoughts
and kindness in sharing.


birdman39 Premium Plus
thank you nathan for the helpful info
NathanConner Premium Plus
You're welcome Brian, I'm glad it was helpful.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Excellent advice, indeed, Nathan! Thanks for the timely reminder!

NathanConner Premium Plus
You're welcome Jeff. I appreciate it.
JeffreyBrown Premium
No problem, Nathan! Thanks for that important reminder!

KathyAnne Premium Plus
Well said Nathan. The more you publish and build an email list the greater chance of attracting followers and subscribers. Providing valuable content that helps people is important
NathanConner Premium Plus
Certainly. The goal of any blog should aim to help your readers navigate a topic (your niche) as best as possible. With enough helpful content, people begin to 'take notice'.