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I have been seeing some blog posts here on Wealthy Affiliate about outsourcing content, and I have been wanting to illustrate how it impacts your productivity on your blogging business. Blogging is time-sensitive, and getting search engine traffic takes enough time as it is. So it is best to get as much content out there as possible, as soon as possible.Required Tasks:Keyword Research: 1 HourWriting The Content: 4 HoursPublishing The Content: 1 HourRepurposing The Content: 1 HourThis Process, W
Black Friday is coming up! For those of us who need to make upgrades to their blogs I highly recommend you subscribe to some companies that have those products that you have been putting off investing in because they are too expensive.I am sure Wealthy Affiliate will have some great Black Friday offers as well.Lots of blogging products/services that normall would charge monthly or yearly, will be offering lifetime memberships.Although I don't know what deals will be available to everyone, just
November 03, 2019
Last year, before I started my blog at Wealthy Affiliate, I managed to create 26 YouTube videos. Most of those videos I was just testing a few different niches. This year, I have made $750 in affiliate commissions from those videos I made last year, and it took about 10 hours to make all of them.That means my earnings per hours worked is $75 per hour! Wow! If people saw their content creation skill set as that valuable, I guarantee they would put a lot more than 10 hours into it lol.So I made a
I worked for a Home Improvement store called Menards for several years. They are the largest home improvement retailer in the Midwest United States. It was my first big break for me coming out of college. It helped me gain a lot of Management experience, and definitely helped me learn a lot about the VAST product knowledge of Home Improvement.Before my career at Menards, I worked for Office Depot. I learned a lot about sales from them, and that helped me get my foot in the door at Menards.One o
Although the majority of my time with managing getting new content published. About every month or so I sit down and brainstorm ways that I can enhance the conversion rate of my site in different ways.It is really important to do this, so that way you can optimize the traffic, leads, and sales your website receives. It is entirely possible for a blog to have hundreds of blog posts, and still not have any sales, because the webmaster has not given much thought into improving the conversion rate
September 20, 2019
This has been a really good week for my blog.So far I have seen:A $90 commission notification from Clickbank2 Wealthy Affiliate starter referrals2 Content Samurai Referrals1 Honeygain referralThings are usually pretty quiet on my blog, but lately it seems to be exploding! I started the blog back in April this year, so I haven't quite reached my 6 month milestone yet.Looking forward to the weeks ahead! I have a lot of content planned, and next week and hoping to upload my first training video to
I am going through the affiliate training here at Wealthy Affiliate and I got to the part where I am creating custom sign up pages within the Wealthy Affiliate site. Honestly I am really glad that WA does this, and even hosts the video. I used to be part of a program that does this, and it cost me $150 per month!But I spent the afternoon creating a video script for my landing page, and I wanted to share it with you, so that way, when you get to that point, you can create a landing page video, a
September 09, 2019
This is just one long tail keyword phrase I found. Do you think this traffic statistic is a bug or correct? Have you ever stumbled accross keyword stats like this before?I was doing some keyword research, and I found this. I am not sure if this traffic statistic is correct, but I looked and it seems many of the keywords in this grouping have very little competition, and a ton of traffic.I will try and create a long-form blog post to see what happens, targeting a bunch of keywords in the group.
I've been doing some keyword research with a unique keyword suggestion tool called Trendds, and I stumbled across this "Breakout" keyword phrase. Meaning that the Google Trends search volume grew over 5000% over the last 90 days.The keyword phrase was:"How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics Online"I then did a Google Search myself and saw that there were videos getting 1.5 million views.Apparently, it is quite a thing. 😂😂Anyways, I just thought I would share. It gave me quite a chu
Do you constantly visit a website? Do you frequently utilize an application that is only located on a web page you frequently visit? Are you looking for a way to convert a website into an app on your smartphone? This blog post will share how you can turn any website into an app on your smartphone, in only a few steps, so keep on reading.I was always frustrated having to go to my browser when I wanted to visit a website. Sure having them bookmarked for quick access is nice, but I wished there wa