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If you have been building your affiliate marketing blog for any length of time, you may have noticed how much time it can consume. Even if you become adept at one aspect of blogging, there are several other aspects that might not be within your core competency.In fact, there are several websites out there that have teams that manage the site. Teams such as:· SEO Teams· Web Design Teams· Content Writing Teams· Pay-Per-Click Advertising Teams· Cop
I hope you all had a wonderful and productive February. Mine wasn't as productive as it should have been. Lots of events happened that kind of threw off my productivity. I got sick and couldn't do much of anything for a couple weeks. Don't worry, it wasn't the Coronavirus lol. But here is my stats so far.I saw a total of 4 conversions into various affiliate programs. No WA referrals this month. I am just putting the finishing touches on my new WA marketing campaign so it should be ready to laun
I've been busy working on putting together the video training, and MP3s for my new product and decided to brush up and study some of Launch Superstar Formula. This product is part of a package that I got from purchasing My Unfair Advantage membership last year.Now I am sitting on very detailed training on funnel building and launching products. 100s of hours. And it even came with several softwares and funnel templates they developed.Their training is really top notch in regards to funnel build
Here is my latest stats for January. I had a total of 6 conversions in January coming from various sources.I noticed that my blog rankings have been taking a dip. I am not exactly sure what is going on, but fortunately since I have onboarded my website to an SEO agency they will be looking into it and fixing all the issues on my site over the next few weeks.As you can see there is a lot of technical factors on my site that can be improved. Generally speaking, once the majority of the issues hav
In the early phases of creating a blog you put to the task of compiling a list of keywords for your blog posts to target. I typically recommend compiling a list of 100+ keywords, and breaking them down into a 4 different categories.Review PostsVersus PostsBest Of PostsLong-Tail Keyword PostsPersonally I use Jaaxy for most of my keyword research, but I have had the opportunity to use several others that find keywords that nobody is going after, but get some really good traffic.I'm going to be di
Have you ever seen these signs posted in your neighborhood? It is quite common practice in the US. These real estate investors target individuals who are motivated sellers that need cash quickly, for various reasons. Obviously the buyer is not willing to pay fair market price for these properties, and the seller isn't really motivated to either.Many years ago, my grandfather actually used these signs to acquire several investment properties, well below market value. Over the course of his real
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I am currently onboarding my main website to an SEO agency.They will handle everything regarding keyword strategy, article writing, content publishing, on page optimization, and guest posting.I'm excited, because it frees up my time to focus on more important things that will help my blog achieve more revenue.In previous blog posts, I mentioned that my goal this year is to focus on building out a marketing funnel, increasing conversions in my funnel, and training those that I refer.Since my blo
The last few days my Wife and I have been down with the Flu. But I have wanted to give you an update on a few things.I've updated my WA Bio.So now you can learn a bit more about my background, besides just a few sentences, like before.My first 10 days of 2020 yielded me 4 commission notifications.So I should be receiving a check from Clickbank in the mail pretty soon for $120.But I am also particularly excited because I made my very first commission from Warrior+. Most of the products on W+ are
I started blogging at Wealthy Affiliate in almost 9 months ago, and only began tracking my affiliate link traffic since 3 months ago, but I have been pleased with my results thus far.YouTube vs. My BlogAs you can see, my YouTube channel is getting a lot more exposure compared to my blog. That is because I already had a handful of videos published on YouTube before I even started by blog.Using Content Samurai, I've been able to turn every blog post I create into a YouTube video. This definitely
Over the last year working on my blog, I have been outsourcing a lot of the articles that were a lot bigger projects than what I am up to the task for.If you are looking to hire a writer for some of your projects, when getting started you are probably going to have to test out several writers before you find one that is the right fit for you. So you may have to invest a couple hundred dollars before you find that superstar.Back when I got started, I started out using Iwriter because it was refe