My Sisters Wild Run-In With Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: September 30, 2021

My sister has been engaged in her studies at Purdue University for a while, and just recently graduated, and became a Licensed Dietitian.

While she was in school she started a healthy eating blog about her journey through the numerous dietitian internships she has taken over the years and even publishes several healthy recipes she came across.

Because of her passion for this niche, she had been approached by a few companies who asked her to promote their products on her blog.

They offered to compensate her for a percentage of every sale when someone used her designated coupon code.

She was quite flattered they had asked, and the company sounded very legitimate, so she said "Why not!"

So she ended up publishing a few pages on her blog, and social media to help drive people to that company website.

Little did she know that a very popular shopping app called 'Honey' actually picked up on her coupon code and started to present it to every person who was using the Honey app on that companies website.

About a week later, she logged into the affiliate portal for that company and saw that she was just shy of earning $1000!

Needless to say, she couldn't believe it and was kind of suspicious. Her blog posts hadn't even gotten that much traffic, and her social media posts hadn't either. At least not enough to warrant 100+ sales in a week.

Unfortunately, the company thought something was suspicious and caught on, eventually suspending her coupon code, and let her know what was going on.

Maybe this experience taught her what is possible through blogging and affiliate marketing, and will one day become an affiliate marketer herself (on purpose this time).

Have you ever had a wild experience with affiliate marketing? Let me know in the comments.

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Interesting, indeed, Nathan!

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The endless possibilities and opportunities
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