850+ People Enrolled In My Course In 36 Hours What This Means For You

Last Update: May 7, 2020

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I launched my very first course on Udemy and I already have more than 850 people enrolled in the course. It has only been about 36 hours since it has gone live.

This experience have been a positive one, and has made me realize a few key takeaways from the experience I got from creating and launching the course. I want to share them with you today.

Courses Are A Form Of Content

Just like your blog content, an online course is a type of content that you can use to help create passive income for your affiliate marketing business. Even though it is a lot more work to create a course, it is a great way to stand out from the ocean of competitors in your niche. Consider creating a course or two in the near future.

Udemy Courses Rank On Google Almost Instantly

Since Udemy is a course platform that carries a tremendous amount of ranking authority, if you apply on-page keyword optimization to your course, it will likely rank on Google very quickly.

Since a course is essentially like a marketing funnel, you can recommend various products throughout the course, where necessary, and earn affiliate commissions.

Udemy Gets A Lot Of In-House Traffic

People download the Udemy app and visit the website to search for courses inside of the platform, sort of like how people search for things on Google. But instead of competing against other people's websites, you are competing against other peoples courses.

Since there is a lot less courses on Udemy than blog posts on the web, you have a much better chance to stand out.

Final Thoughts

I still have two more products under development. I am not sure if I will publish them to Udemy, self-hosted, or some other method. But regardless, it has made me realize that publishing a course to Udemy is like having an army of affiliates promoting your product.

Chances are, if you have chosen a niche to target for your blog, you consider yourself somewhat knowledgeable the topic, maybe some people would consider you an expert.

Think about what courses you can make and publish to Udemy, or some other type of online course platform such as Stackskills.

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Brilliant news. Congratulations.

I'm a Udemy fan myself. I've done courses and I made a course last November.

It's a great platform to learn something new for a reasonable price. And yes, absolutely a great tool for us too.

Great post Nathan, Louise 😀

Thank you Louise. Yes, I have enrolled in several courses there as well. I find that their courses are more helpful than trying to search for tutorials on YouTube. It is a great place for a more structured eduction on a topic.

Actually, that IS the great reason to learn on Udemy.

YouTube is great for learning the odd thing here and there....

BUT a Udemy course will give you what you need in one chunk, in one place. No need to go to this YT channel to learn how to do this part and search another channel for to learn the other part etc...


Congratulations Nathan! Did you use the Udemy keyword tool to decide on your course topic, or did you just land on gold from researching your topic another way? I agree, creating courses can help with affiliate marketing efforts. Keep it up!

Thanks, Tiffany. I guess you could say this is a micro-niche. It is for a specific organization that I am an equity investor. As of right now, they have about 60,000+ members using their technology. I created the course for the members, and to help the company grow along the way.

Awesome! I think having an accurate pulse on the demand and a hungry audience probably played largely into your results.

Great achievement Nathan!
Keep it up!

Thank you, Nadia. I appreciate it!

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