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Last Update: December 30, 2020

The Internet is today's future. We as people are learning and increasing our ability to understand the resources of the internet services, that allow us to create an online living environment In the comfort of our own home. The internet has allowed us to create a online business so we may have more time to spent with our family less time at work.

Is this ture, could it be all real, Am I reading right can I really stay at home and work for a couple of hours and spend more time with my family and not worry about my bills getting paid. Well if this is you asking your self this then I have the answer for you. To my knowledge and what I have Experienced in the last 2 1/2 years the answer is No...... And Yes.......

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Only1Hugh Premium
Quite literally if your business does not get online before long you will be extinct
BobMargroff Premium
Hi Natalie, great post and it is so true. What we all have here is unique in that the value of WA is awesome. It costs so little but is worth so much.

Let me say also that I actually thought this post was about something else... there is a company out there that is an MLM that uses your title as the name of the company. They actually use the acronym for the words. But, the words in the title are their actual name. LOL.

I was starting to think you were writing about them and was about to wonder if you were trying to sell here... boy was I wrong... LOL!!

Great post, by the way!

I wish you the best!

Natalie56 Premium
Thank you I didn't think about it into you said it you are right My title is from a company that sells products you are right about that I need to change my title Thank you so much for your input I really appreciate it you have a good day
BobMargroff Premium
The title is fine... most people may not think about it or even know it. Unless there is experience with CTFO... LOL!! It just struck me funny.