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Hi everyone at WA,

It's German here and how great it is to be part of this wonderful community of likeminded people. Not only would I love to be involved in helping others, but also to learn as much as I can from all of you. To pass on all the knowledge of IM like Kyle and Carson do, is a wonderful thing and I applaud that.

Anyway, I am a Spaniard, living in London for the last 40 years and living with my wife and youngest daughter, who is graduating next July the 14th from the University of Birmingham, England, in Foreign Business Studies With Foreign Language (Spanish). Spend all this time in Production and Precision Engineering for Formula 1
Military and Civil Aviation, Food Industries, Electronics and Automobile Industries.

When I thought that I was making a great investment in real estate geared to provide a decent retirement for us in Spain later in 2012, the world wide financial crisis erupted in mid 2007, which decimated my investment, and prompted me to seek additional ways to make an income, in addition to my day job. I turned to Internet Marketing, because I knew of several people who were making lots of money doing it.

I was so curious about Internet Marketing, that I spent a lot of money buying all sorts of information about online income strategies. I’ve got paralysed with confusion, unable to decide what to do because I was so overwhelmed with information! Since 2008, every spare time I had, I would spend reading this and that, watching videos about making money; I was just a hopeless learner only, never actually DOING anything concretely. My add got so bad, that I began to doubt whether it is actually possible to earn anything online.

But it is possible I know, because just the other day, I’ve actually got my first sale on Amazon; I sold a CNC Macro Programming book that I previously bought from Amazon, and which, after taking a few notes from it, decided to sell it on Amazon and got a buyer in the north of England two months ago…

So almost 2 months ago, I learned about WA and here I am really wanting this time to stay forever since I have not seen anything like this before. The resources here are second to none and I like the way Kyle and Carson seem to care for all of us genuinely.

What do I like to do other than IM? Music (now more and more classical, but also the blues, rock and roll, folk, country) sports (played Soccer weekly until last July –one month before my 63rd birthday), golf, basketball, athletics, tennis. And I like to travel too. Was lucky to be in the USA both in the east and the west several times, driving lots of miles around many states. Once, at a stone throw from Canada, by the Niagara Falls as well. But visited Brazil several times, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and others. I love a good read too, and buy or used to buy lots of books about all sorts of things and spend far too much on records and cds…

And now what I would love most of all is to get good at IM because I want to also help others to get where they want to be, and to be able to prevent them from getting as lost as I am right now in this subject.

Thanks to everyone that so kindly welcomed me to this super community.
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Saby Premium
Welcome to WA it is right time right place to start best busines.If I can earn money you can also .
If you need any help just send me a PM.
webkab Premium
Hello and welcome to WA. There's lots of information here at WA. Don't let it get you overwhelmed. If you do the training from the training center and watch for specials like the 30 day training you will do fine. I also suggest that you go to potpiegirls blog and to the top of the page in the menu WAbinars. you will find videos on Potpiegirls blogs that will help you get started and in the Wabinars go to Affiliate Walk Through videos 1 & 2. Those will be very helpful. MUCH SUCCESS
webkab Premium
Just remember even if you get a few days behind you still can keep on going until you are finished. I am in the process of doing online marketing for offline business or small business that do not have a good presence on line.

You can do this anywhere in the world and it pays off.
Best to you and MUCH SUCCESS.
namregho Premium
Hi, and thank you for your welcome. Yes there is a lot to cover and I must not be overwhelmed. Want to follow your advice and do what is needed to become the best I can be in affiliate marketing. Once day, I'd like to do what you are now doing with me, helping others in the best way I can. When that happens, I shall be even happier. But now, that I am almost recovered, I promised myself to finish the 30 days training I received from Kyle and Carson. The resources here at WA are superb.
Thanks again for your good wishes.
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
namregho Premium
Thanks for your welcome. Yes, I am glad I am now part of this wonderful community. I hope I can learn a lot from all of you.
namregho Premium
This is a great opportunity for me to be with like minded folks that are interested in what I now like to do: IM, mainly affiliate marketing. So, can I just say Hi everyone! it's good to be part of this community and look forward to learn and take a lot of action to get ahead.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family