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Recent development with Facebook has ignited more discussions about the role of social media and its future development. Two things are causing major concerns:Privacy and security of customer’s data; Necessity to implement global regulations regardingthe use of private data. To understand the importance of the above, we need to know what developments are taking place in the social media industry. I have studied several reports related to the latest trends in social media and my findi
We live in the technology-enabled world. Hard to imagine one day when we don’t use technology; it is everywhere and affects all sides of our lives by:Delivering content– the messages that matter;Providing tools – the resources which help us to create things and accomplish a variety of tasks;Supporting media – the variety of methods for communication and self-expression;Distributing and sharing resources based on requests and needs.To manage and to use technology effectiv
Recently, several cases related to Big Data have been widely discussed because of their impact on political and economic processes which caused undoubtedly serious attention from different parties.Being one of the most attractive professional niche, Big Data is seen as an important factor which will impact GDP growth and job creation all over the world. Big Data is also having a significant impact on human knowledge of the world. Continues development of new of tools for collecting, transmi
It has become a big issue in Europe. The question is asked: How did the private firm gained the access to user’s data? Actually, it could be done very easy. Now we know that Facebook did not do enough to protect our data. But how much we don’t know, and most probably, we’ll never know. Again, back to the issue of privacy and security.Is there any possiblity to have a solution?Human involvement in data security and privacy is not reliable. Data is a valuable product which
March 13, 2018
I have written a lot about technology - let’s leave technology aside. It feels that spring is very near. I hope the weather in your place is much better than here. I had very busy and demanding professional life, and I did not think too much about “other stuff” since I was sincerely enjoying my job. Stepping aside from active professional life, I got more time to observe and learn other things. I had to adopt new environment, new life style, and new people around. It was
Information available on the Internet is not checked for quality, accuracy, and actuality and we as Internet users need to know how to evaluate the available resources. Digital literacy means not only the ability to use and interpret the information but also analyze relevancy and reliability of information.How educational institutions and private companies from different parts of the world address the issue of quality of Internet resources?There are certain criteria which are commonly used to
I have met people who don’t show any concerns regarding data security issues and possibility that their private data can be exposed. “Nothing to hide” – this is a typical argument which hard to challenge.Actually, it is easy to get confused in the details of cybersecurity and privacy and the constant discussions about system breaches, data frauds, cyber attacks, security controls, risk assessment and management, and continuous monitoring.And as a result, we miss the poin
February 22, 2018
Recently, I had a discussion with my Computer Science students regarding technology impact on society. I was kind of surprised that these young professionals (most of my Masters students are having jobs already) were telling me that technology is making people lazy and irresponsible.People are expecting from technology everything – starting from banking up to grocery shopping and travel bookings. In the nearest future, people expect even more – robotization of process-oriented an
Since common trends show the shifting towards digitization of resources, many discussions are taking place to analyze the quality and comfort of online reading. Reading online isn't the same as reading in print. When reading a book, we assume that the work is authoritative. In the printed material, texts might include pictures, drawings, tables, or diagrams. When reading the printed resources, we do it sequentially, consistently word by word. Regarding articles on the Net, we have much l
We are spending a lot of time communicating online: private issues, business assignments, community engagement, training, learning, entertaining – the list is endless.I might look as an easy way to deal with colleagues, bosses, employees, clients, friends… Unfortunately, it is a misleading perception. A lot of painful mistakes are made during online communication. Actually, it takes some time for a beginner to develop the correct style of communication: polite, respectful, concise