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Last Update: May 04, 2020

As we all know affiliate marketing is a great business model to make money online. There are different ways you can promote your affiliate program. It depends if you are a simple affiliate of the program or the owner of the program. Let see how you can do that on each side.

How to promote your affiliate program as an affiliate.

An affiliate is someone who joins the program in order to promote the affiliate program or products to their network. They are usually called publishers.

These publishers could be potentially recruited, and there is also an increased chance that publishers in the network apply to the program on their own, without the need for recruitment efforts by the advertiser.

Relevant websites that attract the same target audiences as the advertiser but without competing with it are potential affiliate partners as well. Vendors or existing customers can also become recruits if doing so makes sense and does not violate any laws or regulations.

Almost any website could be recruited as an affiliate publisher, but high traffic websites are more likely interested in (for their sake) low-risk cost per mille or medium-risk cost per click deals rather than higher-risk cost per action or revenue share deals. Read more here.

So, in order to be a publisher you need to have a website that has an audience already. But the size of the audience is not always determined, every affiliate program sets his own requirements when it comes to recruiting publishers.

You can check this lesson for a better understanding of

Now these the most important steps you need to take:

1. Check an affiliate program or network that serves a niche you are interested in.

It is very important for you to do good research to find out where you can get products to promote in your website before even starting. This will give you a general idea of what your niche may require, what kind of content is more in demand. And it will help you chose the right direction for your business.

2. Set up your website.

Now that you have chosen the main product you would like to promote. Set up your website and start creating content related to your products. This will help you get an audience. People interested in your niche will visit your website and their visit can help you determine if your content is good and if you need to make some changes.

The free tools available in google can help you monitor your progress, like google console and google analytics.

3. Add your affiliate product to your content.

Once your website has an audience as small as it is, you can apply for an affiliate program to start monetizing your website. Because every affiliate program has its own criteria, you may need to check first if you are within their requirements and apply.

You will be given links that you will use in your content. Remember that your role is to help people through your content to find products that may help them solve their issues.

You will have also other promoting materials like banners, display links, and more. Everything you may need to lunch your paid promotion too.

You can create different sorts of content to showcase your products. Like:

- Create tutorial videos if that is coherent with your product.

A video showing exactly how your product works is a great way to help them make the right decision. You will be able to show the pros and cons of your product. Make sure to be as sincere as possible. Don't pressure your audience into buying, just present all the aspects of your product and let them decide.

- Social media posts.

Use social media to get more exposure. You can create completely new content for your social media audience, share your website content on social media, or do a little bit of both.

What works well is to analyze first what social media will be more appropriate for your market niche and start to buy mastering that social platform before spreading to the others.

Social media is a big part of online business today but you do not have any control over it and you may lose your audience anytime for no reason sometimes. Make sure to create an e-mail list of your audience to keep in touch and be able to market your products to them directly.

4. Paid marketing.

Our training at wealthy affiliate helps us to create SEO friendly content that brings organic traffic. With the competition growing every day, it is necessary to add another layer of marketing. Using the PPC, Facebook ads, solo ads, you, grow your email list, and make sales.

To run a paid ads campaign, you need to read the rules from your affiliate program. Find out what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do. For example, you may not link directly to the merchant, use their brand as a keyword, or use their competitor's keyword.

Remember the merchant wants to get a new audience from you, not to compete with you on the same audience.

5. Keep your content up to date.

Make sure your content is up to date with your content. Any changes from your merchant should me impute to your content immediately, any new offer too.

You need to make sure that your content will continue to be useful to people otherwise search engines will not rank your content. Stay relevant!

How to promote your affiliate program as the owner.

Today many accomplish affiliate marketers only swears by creating their own affiliate product. Because for them it is the next step and the only one that can guarantee a steady growth in your income. The main reason they give is that as an affiliate marketer you are not in control of your revenue, the affiliate program can disappear tomorrow or decide not to pay your commission. So, you can avoid that by creating your own product.

That could also be your case tomorrow, let see how you can promote your affiliate program.

1. Inform your audience.

At this point, I am sure you have a generous email list. You can send them an email informing them of your affiliate program. You can create a dedicated website or add a link informing visitors of the existence of your affiliate program.

The goal here is to make the most with the less effort possible. Your e-mail list is your first audience, they know you and trust you already. So, it will be quite easy for them to join and be your first affiliates.

Make sure that the terms and commission structure of your affiliate program is clear and easy to understand. You can give them a premium offer to attract them. You want to make some sales from the start, so be generous!

2. Create a great product.

It is good to create your own affiliate program but you need to have a valuable product. This is the heart of your business, having a bad product will not help you at all.

That is why it is not given to anyone to build an affiliate program. Make sure that what you are offering is helpful to people, no scam, no pyramid scheme. Because with time people will understand that your affiliate program is based on a useless product and they will leave.

3. Submit your affiliate program to directories and forums.

This will help you market your affiliate program and recruit affiliates too. In the affiliates forums and directories, people go to get information about the affiliate marketing word and discover new programs to do business with.

4. Join affiliate networks like Cj, ShareASale, etc...

This will bring great trust to your business and help you reach a lot of affiliates around the world. The network is well established with a lot of other companies offering their products and affiliates joining to build their business.

You may also choose to host your own affiliate program, there is a lot of software that can help you do that successfully, in that case, you will have to run a marketing campaign advertising your program and budget can be quite expensive.

5. Join or create affiliate events.

There are a lot of affiliate events going on every year, you can join them to promote your affiliate program. The great thing with the affiliate events is that it is attended by your targeted industry, so you will promote directly to those who are making the industry.

You can create your own affiliate event to strengthen your team. It can be an event where you invite your top affiliates, to encourage them, and to brainstorm with them on how to improve your business.

The wealthy affiliate does it with the super affiliates. Those who recruit 300 affiliates in a year, get a free trip to vegas. And meet Kyle and Carson the founders, they also meet other super affiliates to share their experience and more.


Promote your affiliate program because it is the only way that people will know that your products exist. Be smart in the way you chose to promote your program because there is a lot of competition, you need to be able to gain a share f the market. So, create exceptional content and be ready to invest some money to pay for ads.

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