Make money online: 7 steps for success!

Last Update: April 12, 2020

Making money online is now my reality. I want to make money online from the first time I heard about it. But I became skeptical after I lost a lot of money paying to platforms and programs that promised great revenu that never happened. I really lost hope that I will ever make money online, living in Africa, I just thought it was only possible for people in europe, america and maybe asia.

Until one day I visited a blog post of Kyle. He explained how people were getting scammed online and it was like he was relating my own experience. So, I decided to follow his advise and here are the steps that I took, and today I am making money online from Africa.

Here are the 8steps

1. Join Wealthy affiliate.

He advised taking a chance with wealthy affiliate. Here I learned the basics of any online business and mostly the basics of affiliate marketing. You see, I heard of affiliate marketing as a way of making money online but never got a simple and clear explanation about it. And this picture below on how to make money online blew my mind.

I understood that I could make it from my hard work, not from some magical traffic or by inviting people to join.

That is when I decided to continue with wealthy affiliate platform and the training here is simple and easy to follow. I take my lessons on my free time and keep up as fast as I can. It is hard work that pays big!

The community is also very interactive. You can get assistance from the community anytime you need it. We share our experience and you can also create training to help others or share what you know best.

I personally love the weekly live session, where we can learn about some other practical aspects of the business. It is also interactive, you can ask questions and get answers.

2. Create a website

I never knew that I needed a website to make money online and I did not think I could create one, because I got no skills. But wealthy affiliate made it so easy for me to create my own website. Actually, I will refer you to this training.

It is one of the first training that you will get in wealthy affiliate. Because, the platform is not only a learning platform but also a hosting platform. Here you will host your websites, up to 10 websites without paying any extra fee, it is included in your monthly membership fee. You will get technical assistance 24/7. You have the choice between free domains and buying your own domains.

There is an e-mail service attached to the hosting, to look more professional it is always good to have an email address with your domain name.

3. Create quality content

Content is Key! This is what will attract and keep your visitors. You need to create useful content, give a solution to a problem that your visitors may want to solve. And your content should be SEO friendly. Search engines like google and being should be able to crawl your website content and allow people to see it when they are searching for something related to your content.

Here is a great training that you can watch and follow in order to create valuable content for your audience.

Your content should also give you an opening to advertise your affiliate products. Because that is the way you are making money with your website. Your affiliate product should be among or the solution for your audience. And when they will buy it, you will make your commission. That is really a great way to match your passion and your income.

4. Social media marketing

After creating your content, you need to market your content. I personally like marketing in business because it is the step of truth, where you will know if your content is good or not. And the easiest way to know this is by sharing your content on social media. It is free and easy to use.

All you need to do is to create business social media profiles, you can choose to start with one social media platform or all of them at the same time. And every time you create a new post, you can share it immediately. This will give more exposure to your content and bring more visitors to your website.

You can also use paid advertising on social media, especially on Facebook. Check this live training session

The cost for facebook ads is not too much, you can start slow and see you can scale it, According to how fast you want the result.

5. P.P.C campaign

Another way to market your content is on search engines. Google and bings are the two biggest, so you can take advantage and create ads choosing the right keywords to advertise your website and blog posts.

Here is a training to help you understand and start your PPC campaign.

But here it is only about paid advertisement. You will have to pay in advance or allow an automatic payment. Depending on the policy available for your vountry. Like for me I usually let google and being take money from my prepaid card and then I can run my ads. Because they do not allow prepaid acards for automatic or monthly payment.

6. Google AdSense

Basically, google will place ads on your website and you will earn money for every click your visitors will make.

Here is the first way I was able to make money online. Because, my website was made on wealthy affiliate, google did not hesitate to approve it for google adsense. Once, I was approved I could make a dime from every visitors coming to my website.

Here is a training for you

The big issue that I faced was on the final confirmation step. I was not able to receive the code from google. Usually they send it via post and you enter the code to confirm your account. I live in Africa and our postal service is never on point. They sent my code maybe 3 to 4 times but I never got it. I had to wait for the last step which was confirmation by a bank statement.

My advice for those who are living in places where the postal service doesn't work properly, just be prompt to let google know that you did not receive it and I am sure wthin 3 months you will reach the final step of confirming with a bank statement.

7. Affiliate marketing

This is my main source of income, I creat blogs and add my affiliate links. I have learned how to add affiliate links in a manner that helps people, that is not intrusive, that flows with my content.

You need to chose your affiliate product carefully, choose one which is realated to your niche market(to what you are talking about on your website). You want to be the most helpful possible to your audience, so do not lose them in your content. Have a good consistency in your content.

There are a lot of affiliate platforms, In wealthy affiliate we have affiliate progam right in the platform and you can chose what suit you.

My final words is to invite you to join wealthy affiliate because it is a complete platform wher you will learn, host and get affiliate program to make money online. So, here the 7 steps that I took to make my dream come true!

Come join us!

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