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January 08, 2018
Happy New Year To Everyone...those I know (in a manner of speaking) and those I have not yet connected with!I would like to take the opportunity to also wish everyone much success in their business - online and offline!So, the work starts. The group of which I am a member has started to really buckle down with homework or for want of a better word - housekeeping.This week, we will be revamping ALL the content on our website as of this moment and ensure that it fits the mould for content writing
January 04, 2018
Hello Guys 'n DollsJust had to stop in for a spell to share some great news!As a part of my assignment that I was compiling, one of the tasks was to note the social media connection that we have.Just getting my Quora link, I saw a little notification '1'. I opened it up and here is what I saw:I am truly feeling great!!It seems as if it 'happened overnight', well, in truth it did not. I just keep answering questions and I guess, people are reading the answers.I am happy that they find the inform
Hello Everyone,I am so excited and I am sitting still JUST because I have to write this post tonight! Just finished being a participant in the first official webinar with Bo Tipton, my mentor on this WA GoGetters Journey!It was awesome. We were all there and I could tell that we were just soaking up all that Bo had to say. I think the part where he said that the next assignment was to write a post about the webinar and that it would be due tomorrow, made us all the more focused - I know I was.S
January 02, 2018
Hello Everyone,Let me start off by wishing you health and prosperity for 2018!I know we all have a plan or a vision towards our success. Naturally, what determines the outcome is the implementation of those plans and the creation of that vision!I just listened to Kyle's December Live video and as a part of an assignment, my task is to say write 5 thins that I learned from it. Truth be said, I learned more than 5 things, however, I will write what I consider most important.Let's begin!We are her
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!Happy Sunday or simply happy day/night wherever you are and find yourself...the time of day is of no is being alive that is!This is a short post to make you think a little...or a lot!Have you ever just stepped back and realized that you REALLY can't DO everything that you have on your plate/to-do list?Have you ever felt like 24 hrs just simply is NOT enough?Have you ever wanted to get upset with yourself when you realize that you are still on item number one
December 05, 2017
Hello Guys 'n Dolls,Here is hoping that this article finds you in great health and the best of spirits!Just a quick wish before it gets more hectic...ALL THE BEST FOR 2018...HEALTH, PROSPERITY, AND PEACE OF MIND!!Namaste
Hello again Guys 'n Dolls!!It's me again...29 minutes later.I have to show you this...Do you see what I see? PRIME GOOGLE REAL ESTATE!!I am not only number #1 but in the 'box'!!Now I am UBER-UBER excited!!I had to share it with the husband's ears are turning red from all my talking, ranting and raving!!LOL!!Now, I better calm down and get back to writing...but first, one last YEEEEAAAAHHH!!Namaste
November 18, 2017
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!I hope you are having a great weekend wherever you are. I am writing this post to share something that I am UBER excited about - my latest Google ranking for an article I wrote.SO, I decided to do a little survey for myself and indirectly encourage myself to 'beat the competition" so to speak.In this first image, I copied at 18:15 today (local time in Barcelona, Spain) and I wondered how I would rank once I published my article. You see, I have a competitive side (as do most
November 13, 2017
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!So yesterday was a BIG high for me and my Google recognition. I enjoyed it and I LOVED the community sharing that moment with me.SO, out of curiosity, I wondered how my other articles were doing. Here's how:I wrote 5 articles last week - 3 are number#1, 1 is number #8, and the other I did not find on the first page.In any event, I am so excited.So, going back to my keyboard.Thanks so much for cheering me on!Namaste
November 13, 2017
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!It is now 5:26 pm in my time zone. When I wrote my earlier/original post about being excited, I was number #1 out of 1.490.000 searches on Google, and that was around noon my time.NOW, 5 hours later, I am in the 'prime box' and still number#1, and this time, out of 3.453.000 searches!!Can you tell how psyched I am??!!!YIPPEE!!Enjoying my Google moment here.Thanks so much for sharing it with me.Much success to us all.Namaste