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Last Week’s Training Tips & TricksThe main theme from last week’s training was overcoming obstacles and this is the nature of the game called life. We do not live in a perfect world and it will bring obstacles in our path that have challenges of learning, but it is experience to be gained. The takeaway from this point is - you can do it, as long as you stay the course even though there may be bumps in your path. Things we looked at: Google ranking - we all want to be rank
April 04, 2018
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!How are you doing?I hope well in all aspects - mind, body, and spirit!I just found some new information about the Google Link Shortener - that I use and I am sure that some of the community members also use.It will be retired for good by March 2019.For NOW, all the older google shortened links will continue to be redirected to your content, but it might be a good idea to read more about this at the link: hope yo
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!OK let’s share and recap of what we did last week.Our group has been very busy, and don’t get me wrong I love being busy, however it is a lot of work. I am having a great time just learning new things and also reminding myself of things that I already knew.In this post, I’ll simply recount what we did last week to let the community know how things are going.We have been busy in learning how to create e-books and how to market them on all websites. One sma
March 31, 2018
Hello Guys 'n Dolls,How are you? I hope you’re having a great weekend and I hope your week was also very productive.For me it was. But, I must be honest - I could really use some rest - (and in order to show you that I took the day off today) but I just came to write this short post just to check-in. The main reason of this post is to remind everyone the importance of just resting and taking a break. I know we can become so caught up in the things we have to do and to do that never end
March 25, 2018
Good day Wealthy Affiliate Community!I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far... I know I am!So, I got up this morning to do my usual schedule and guess what, I got an email... I got a request for a job on one of my Fiverr gigs!I am is my first and with my persistence and determination, it is the beginning of many...this is my visionary part of the statement!Have you tried Fiverr?What has been YOUR experience? Any tips for the community?Have a great day and a wonderful we
March 18, 2018
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!Happy Sunday!I hope you are enjoying the day off from work if you don't have to work, and for those of us who have to work today, I hope you will enjoy the day off when it comes around!Just a quick update with what is happening over in our mastermind group last week. As I know our time is valuable, I will keep it brief!We are moving along and I think at a great pace...sometimes I yearn for time-out, but I remind myself that this is for the long-haul and it is a plan of actio
March 14, 2018
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!Just stopping by to say hello.You know how life has a tendency to 'get in the way' and before you know it, you have so much to do and so little done...well, that's at least how it feels!Well, I am here to remind you - don't stress the small stuff, and EVERYTHING is small stuff!You need to remind yourself that life will happen whether or not you play a part in it, it just does!What you NEED to remember is this - the part you play is what makes the difference!Do what you can a
Good morning Everyone!This is a THANK YOU POST!I just noticed that I have reached a new milestone of 6,000 followers.Thank you so much for trusting me enough and for giving me the privilege to allow me to share my thoughts.Thank you!I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I love reading your comments - I appreciate you!I wish you all the best on your journey to success.Stay the course and be inspired and remember - this is a great platform - friends and information, use it to your advantage.NamasteMic
Hello Guys ‘n Dolls!Happy Sunday! So, I met a woman who happened to be waiting in a sitting area just like me. We struck up a conversation and she imparted a view that I never thought of before. Here goes… What happens when you lose something, especially when it something of value to you? The way she chose to look at it was like this – She thinks that whoever ‘finds’ the thing that she lost, needs it more than she does! It was like a light bulb went on insi
Hello dear friends and extended family,Here’s hoping that you are happy where you are right now as you read this post…not after, just NOW! I want to continue with my updates as we forge ahead on this year long learning opportunity with our group. It is still busy and it is OK. I realize that in order to create success, you have to have a plan AND more importantly, you have to IMPLEMENT that plan…it is no good ‘sitting there’! So, last week, we: Continued upd