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Hello Guys 'n Dolls!Just a simple hello to wish you a great week with steps in the right direction to your goal.It always starts with the FIRST step!There is no other way!Be blessed and make that move...NOW!NamasteMichelle
Hello Guys and Dolls!How are you doing? I hope all is well. This is a quick post to wish you a great weekend ahead and that somehow, somewhere, you will find time to just be. So I had an 'AHA' moment about two days ago. Do you know how we breathe, see, and talk about living that laptop style life?Well why do we think that we need to wait for this to happen? If you really get technical we are already there. OK maybe I make it too simple. I will use myself as an example. I have a goal to let
April 29, 2018
Good morning Guys 'n Dolls!This is a short and sweet post to say good morning and that your week will be a wonderful week for everyone.I find that when I am 'stuck' in writing, I release the 'bump' by writing freely and not on something that I 'must'. So, in this light, have a great day and week ahead.NamasteMichelle
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!Isn’t it amazing how quickly that the first 4 months of 2018 have passed? As the cliché goes – time waits for no man…or woman for that matter! I find it so hard to believe that we are in the first quarter of 2018. And what I also find interesting is the fact that what I have learned about Internet world has changed immensely. And this is undoubtedly a result of being in the company of greatness (my fellow group members) and a wonderful mentor suc
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!Just saying hello and I was wondering if anyone of you in the community were using Squirrly?!!Well, I am - and it's my newly found love!OK, have you heard about Squirrly? No, I did not misspell the word squirrel. I mean the word squirrly. Neil Patel is no stranger to the internet world and SEO - he is one of the well-known gurus when it comes to SEO. He speaks highly of this software and I felt encouraged to check it out!Squirrly is a software tool that you can use to furthe
Hello Guys 'n Dolls!I hope you are doing well. I am so excited that the weekend is at hand - TGIF!!I have been busy writing and I enjoy every minute of it, however, I still look forward to the weekend when I take a load off. I don’t always keep my word for myself, but one thing’s for sure - I do take time off. This is a short post concerning our learning curve. I have come to realize that we all learn differently and at a different pace.The good news is we are in control of the fa
It's me again, Guys 'n Dolls!I had to share an interesting story that JUST happened to me while I was driving.No, I was not on my iPhone or any gadgets - just checking out my world around me as I sat in traffic.As I looked up into my rear view mirror, I was appalled by what I saw. At first, I thought it was a mistake, and then it happened THREE times, and I KNEW by then, that it wasn't!Now, I am not writing this to admonish in any way, I am just reminding us all that there are EYES everywhere a
Hey there Guys 'n Dolls,Hope you are having a great week and FOR SURE, looking forward to the weekend!I HAD to stop and take a little time to tell you something... I met someone...someone from our community.All I can say is that it was awesome!!It is so nice to put a FACE behind the writing...OK, here goes,I had lunch a few hours ago with Taetske - laparra1 - and her charming other half to complete her whole, as well as her in-house resident photographer, Michael.We met in Antwerpen and had a n
April 17, 2018
Good Morning Everyone!Just had to stop in to say hello. I just got back from taking a break and literally went to walk the dog!There was a cool breeze and golly gee, if you could see the beauty of the daffodils smiling as they swayed in the wind...amazing!!And then the ducks and geese were walking around on the grass. My doggie kept barking and wanting to also chase the pigeons who were on ground level with him.A shot refreshing walk for us both.Now it's back to work.I think Spring has finally
April 16, 2018
The Art Of Doing Nothing! The art of doing nothing – well, almost. I just had a wonderful weekend. And the philosophy of doing nothing relates mainly to how disconnected you are with everything while being in the moment and being aware of it! The fact that I’m writing to tell the community about this is after the fact of what I did. I did not write this content while in the ‘art of nothing’ mode. So, I turned up the computer for a few days, as hard as that was for