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The Universe Has My Back…And Yours! Hello Guys and Dolls, How are you doing…I hope well…and if not, please take from this lesson what you will to improve your outlook in whatever situation you find yourself. So today, I was on my way home in my travels. My flight was delayed by 5hrs from New York to Paris, and this followed with a chain effect…I would and did miss my connecting train to Belgium. The good news…my plane was still leaving. The not so good
Hello Guys 'n DollsI hope all is well and you are truckin' along.Anyone please feel free to give your thoughts...Does anyone know if when making comments on the new Site Comments we get a back link that way as well?Thanks so much for your time and thoughts.NamasteMichelle
September 15, 2018
Oh WOW...yes indeed.Hello Guys 'n Dolls, How are yah... I hope doing fabulous.I just wanted to stop by and write a few words of encouragement to everyone.I just started a new site and have been working arduously on only has a few articles, but it is a great start.I use Squirrly (I did a review on them on my website, yesucandoit - see under my profile pic for the link) to check my content and check out my latest report...I am psyched. I am not at the 80% but 76% is close for a website ba
September 05, 2018
Hello Guys 'n Dolls.I hope life is good and you are moving right along with the flow. I have been busy...but then again...who hasn't???!!So, another tip that I think might come in handy.Leaving comments on websites.With all the fancy gadgets and software in tow...sometimes the website can malfunction and you lose your comment.Here is what I have started doing - lost too many comments and had to re-do - experience, the voice of reason.When you go to leave a comment on a website...once you are fi
August 27, 2018
Let’s Talk Power WordsHello Guys 'n Dolls,I hope you are off to a great start this week. I would like to share some thoughts.Have you ever wondered about which words you can use in your content to elicit the right action that you want the reader to use? Somewhat of an emotional trigger, if I may? Well, here are a few words that you might consider as you write your next article. Here is a list of some emotional trigger words – now keep in mind, you are not doing anything illegal &nd
August 24, 2018
Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well.Just a little note to wish you a great weekend and to motivate you to keep working on your end vision. It will and might take some time, but remember, Rome was not built in a day.Today I celebrate 2 yrs with Wealthy Affiliate and boy, have I learnt a lot! AND I am still learning.I am grateful for the experience and more so, for all the wonderful people that I have come in contact with - some of whom have become close friends as well.Much success to
August 05, 2018
Hello Guys 'n Dolls,I hope you are doing well in all the ways you possibly can.Today, I just want to tell you about what happened to me and hopefully you can learn from my experience.I have been having a love-hate relationship with Youtube and they removed one of my videos and then now my channel has been suspended. I have made an appeal so we will see.The thing is this, most of my articles have a Youtube video link embeded and now they are all not good. I have to be going back and editing the
July 14, 2018
Hello Guys 'n Dolls,How are you doing today?Just checking in to say hello.Have you ever just...shut off your computer and then reconnected with the 'real' world after shutting up yourself in the 'virtual reality' of your business?Well, I did this past week and I am happy I did.Now, it's back to the grind, but I will do things differently. Less 'long hauls' and more frequent 'life interactions'.How do you handle it?NamasteMichelle
July 05, 2018
It's When Things Get Tough... Just DON'T give up!Hello Guys 'n Dolls,How are you doing? I hope well.Just a little won't always go the way you 'want' it won't make money won't get Uncle G to 'see' your worth after each won't make the...and the list can get as long as you make it.This post is to remind you that we do not live in a perfect world and the one we live in will take some work.I know because I live here too.SO, as you start, continue you
June 26, 2018
Hello Guys 'n Dolls...Happy Summer!Just want to say that I hope your business is going in the direction that you want it to be and that you will also spend some time enjoying the summer.I also wanted to show you my work space today.I found a few roses in my garden and I made a jug of lemon juice water and set it beside my computer to make sure that I keep hydrated. How do you take care of that?Have a great summer and remember to get out some!NamasteMichelle