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January 31, 2020
Hey there dear Peeps,It has been a while since I 'popped in'...and here I am... I hope everyone is doing amazing. I just want to share a book that I am currently reading -The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller with Jay PapasanReason - well, he debunks a lot of myths that we somehow seem to take as 'truths'...and the one that resonated to me most was this one...'Multi-tasking' is something that you do 'alternately' versus 'simultaneously' - whic
December 03, 2019
Happy Holidays Wealthy Affiliate Family!I just want to be the FIRST on this FOURTH day of Christmas to say:I appreciate ALL of the community members - from top to bottom and behind the scenesI am grateful for the communityI am thankful for my life and where it has taken meI wish you BLESSINGS on this day as we finish up 2019 (yes, I know it's not 31 December :-) and move into 2020This is a short post to remind everyone - it is not just the season of gift-giving and religious is
TGIF...dancing shoes on...or maybe pillow talk!Happy Friday Everyone.I KNOW I am looking forward to some SERIOUS sleep any event, I will take some time off from this keyboard...after all, if I do not replensih what I use, the 'river will run dry'! So, that being said - remember to take care of yourself, you only have this one life and it sure is not a dress rehearsal!SO...I was told about this new plugin...this is not an affiliate link.LINK -
Hello Lovely People,This is meant to be an inspirational post. I love Maya Angelou and just wanted to share a lovely quote that ministered to me today and hope that it ministers to the life of anyone or everyone who reads this post and of course decides to share it.QUOTE:"Your legacy is to touch a life".SO simple and yet so true. There are times when we obviously touch the lives of others and then other times when we do so indirectly and perhaps unknowingly. My reminder to everyone is this - yo
November 09, 2019
Hello beautiful people,I hope you are all doing well. It has been a while since I have written a blog on the plaform...however, all is good. I have been busy with this thing called life and the lessons to be learned from it.I would like to share one very recent lesson.I wrote an article in December 2016 and used an image from one of the 'presumably free sites'. Based on the current outcome of my situation, things must have changed for the photographer. It seems that he later sold the image (did
May 28, 2019
Hello Guys'n Dolls!Here's hoping that all is well with you in your 'corner of the world' - life, work and play.This is a short post to re-impress the importance of a CTA - its necessity and its placement - things we learn here at Wealthy Affiliate.I found this article an intreresting read and thought to share it with the community.LINK: is not an affiliate link.Have a read and take what resonates with
May 13, 2019
Yes, I just noticed something..maybe it is not new to you...however, did anyone ever notice the email notification that you receive that someone has replied/commented on your article? Did you notice the NUMBER on the comment?In my instance...22,477,200???That's A LOT of comments to date.Did you ever pay attention to this?Leave your thoughts and PLEASE tell me I am NOT alone in this observation...LOLHave a great day!NamasteMichelle
May 12, 2019
Happy Mother's Day To All The Mothers In The House!It does not matter if you are a biological, spiritual, adopted, grand, or any other type of unmentioned mother. You are a blessing to the hearts you touch. Have a great day everyone.Namaste,Michelle
January 18, 2019
Hello guys 'n dolls,I hope you are all doing wonderful and so looking forward to the weekend...I know I am...even though I might not rest as much as I would know...fingers on the keyboard.So, real quick... I finally got around to checking my Quora notifications...a few days later...and check this out:I am so excited.Just goes to by day, you can fill your cup. Have a great weekend everyone.NamasteMichelle
December 01, 2018
Hello Community Members,Just want to stop in to say - Season's Greetings and All The Best For 2019.Yes, I know I might be early, but I started writing to a few other members and decided to just make it public so I don't forget anyone.Thanks to everyone for their support along the way since I have joined this community and it has been a blessing to be a part of it all - in more ways than one!Much success to and peace.NamasteMichelle